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My Trip the Final Days

The Trip to the Rose Garden wasn’t too bad but it was so humid and hot that we couldn’t stay long.  The garden is located next to (and behind) The Little Theater of Raleigh and it was a lovely garden.  It is an oasis from the city.  Granted the homes around the place were lovely.  It was an oasis but still too hot to stay so we headed out to find a bagel place.  We had some lunch of sorts then we did some shopping.

It was a thrift shop and Mike found some stuff and I found a beautiful Irish blessing plate for $4.  After that we went to the movies.  We saw Tarzan and it was okay but at one point there was some technical difficulty it cut off for some reason.  It wasn’t long before it started again and we finished the movie.

After the movie we went home and had dinner at home.  The rest of the night we either watched TV and movies and worked on the computer.

Thursday we spent the morning inside as it was still pretty humid and I really wanted to relax.  In the afternoon we went to look for a Nathan’s Hot Dog Stand that Mike wanted to have a late lunch but it wasn’t where it was supposed to be (Ace Hardware).  So we took off for closer to home and ended up at Red Robin.  IT was next to TExas Roadhouse that wasn’t open until 4.  We each had something different that included  s’mores shake and it was all very good.

It was about then when I got a headache that turned into a migraine so when we got home I laid across the bed and it got worse and I finally got sick.  Mike and Roberta were watching TV.  We also got some laundry done.  It was a few hours before I was back to normal and started to watch TV and then started packing.  It was nearly 11 when finished and went to bed.

Friday we got up early had an early breakfast and headed to the airport by 7.  It was beautiful drive.  We saw the tractor trailers pull into the US Foods for their delivery pick up orders and then we saw the traffic getting heavier as we got closer to the airport.

We managed to get to the airport in good time but had a hard time finding a parking spot.  We checked in my bag and sent me through the TSA and we said our goodbyes and a short time later I was heading to the gate.  

I had time to relax a bit and chat with a Korean War Veteran originally from NY but lived in Louisburg and was heading up to Boston with his wife for their granddaughter's wedding.  We also chatted with another woman who was originally from NY but a transplant to NC as well and heading to-- well I don’t know where because after that I met so many different people and heard some really interesting stories.  

The first leg of the trip home was quick and I sat with a couple who were heading to Baltimore to finish their trip home to Lancaster PA by car.  We admired the scenery falling below us and giving thanks to God for such a beautiful day.

We got to Baltimore a short time later and the temperatures were much different than in NC.  It was lovely and I was quite pleased to find that the next gate wasn’t as far away as the trip down.  I got to the gate and waited to board the plane.  Found a seat and settled in for Hartford.  A young couple heading to Hartford for a wedding sat next to me and we occasionally chatted about their weekend.  An hour and half later we were in Hartford.  It was just about then I started getting messages and found one from the driver waiting to pick me up.  He was waiting for me at the escalator and we headed to pick up the suitcase.  We walked to the car and just as we were walking the sky was clouding up.  

This vacation was wonderful all thanks to Mike and Roberta, Southwest Airlines, Hy’s Livery and of course the crew of each of the planes.  It was memorable and wonderful and I look forward to my next adventure...


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