My Trip to NC part 2

The holiday was as expected quietly spent morning and then some cooking and then we had our picnic inside because we're not sure if it would be raining or not it was very nice to watch some movies  Guru not my favorite and then we watch the Macy's 4th of July celebration on TV. We had to wait until after 10 for the fireworks at the Mudcats Stadium because the game went into overtime we also shot off some bottle rockets ourselves and then isn't it and one of the neighbors shut off fireworks as well. Went to bed around 11
We got up round and because it was we took our time.  We went Hamricks and bought some stuff then we went to waffle house for brunch. 

We went to Crabtree Mall on Glendale and spent time there.   We kept comparing it to the malls back home.
After a while we went to an Celtic shop in what we can only guess as a consignment shop and bought the trinkets i wanted to get for Shea and Q for taking care of my Babes.

From there we came back to relax for  couple of hours.  The thunderstorm that had been predicted came through for an hour.  After the storm we went to Smithfield's chicken and BBQ.  We were not impressed.  I apologize to anyone from NC.

We came home and watched Hello Dolly until  11,

Tomorrow we are going to the local gardens in Raleigh it is supposed to be an all day activity so I am going to go to bed.


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