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My Trip

On Thursday June 30, I flew out of Bradley Inter Airport for my week long visit with friends in Zebulon NC.  It has been one I have been looking forward to for weeks.

That first day was indeed very long as I barely could sleep the night before.  I got up at two am to prepare for the first leg of the journey.  The limo was scheduled to pick me up at 4 in the morning but came 20 minutes earlier which was absolutely fine as there was some over night construction on the highway.  By the time we got to the airport the sun was rising and it was beautiful.  The lines for the security were long but moved along and shortly afterwards I was on my way to gate.  Where many others were waiting for the flight.  I had gotten something to eat from a nearby stand and chatted with one couple going to Denver.  It was very interesting.  Soon it was time for my flight.  We got into our positions and headed into the plane.  I asked flight attendant a quick question and told me it was not a full flight.  So I sat down by the window.

Shortly afterwards we were taking off.  I managed a few pictures during the flight and some light sleep.  As we got closer to the Baltimore airport I managed to take some pictures.  At the same time couldn’t really look out the window long because of height issues.  

It was 8 when we arrived in the airport and I hiked over to the other gate.  I waited for the next leg to begin.  I chatted with some fellow travelers, made some calls and had some food.  I noticed there were many restaurants I could have eaten my way through with no problem.  

The last leg of the journey was a full plane.  So I sat down with my companions and waited until we took off.  It felt like we were only in the air ten minutes because we were on the final approaches.  We deboarded and headed to baggage claim.  Mama R contacted me and we met at the baggage claim.  It was wonderful.  It was like we hadn’t seen each other in years when it in reality 6 weeks.  We waited for a short time to get the luggage because I missed it the first time.

Once we got the luggage we headed out to the car and headed to Bahama Breeze Restaurant to meet up with Mama R’s High school classmate.  It was a very large and loud Island motif restaurant in Raleigh.  We were there long enough to catch up, learn about each other and fill up on food.  I had to take some home because it was huge.  

After lunch we went on our way. WE headed to Home Depot to pick up some stuff that Papa M needed and went home.  It was quite warm I think it was in the 80’s for the rest of the day.  It was about then I passed out for a couple of hours.

We went to dinner to Wang’s Buffet in the one of many shopping centers around the area.  Lots of food prevailed again.  We headed home after a while.  The clouds moved in for an overnight shower that we never heard but later saw evidence of.

Friday we had breakfast in downtown Zebulon at a wonderful diner with great food.  After that we headed back to Raleigh to visit the State house.  We also took in the Museum of Natural History as well.  We had a late lunch at CArolina cafe where I noticed the famous Tasty restaurant that everyone I know posts the recipes from on facebook.  After that we went to a farmers market just north of the city.  Once we finished there we went home.  We settled in for the night.  

In one of the many times I checked my email, I discovered that death claimed another family member.  This time it was my cousin Paul in NJ.  He was with a friend and both in a van and died from Carbon MOnoxide poisoning.  He lost his mom just a few weeks ago.  I called home and talked with Liz and she filled me in a little more.  Cousin Donna sent out the general email alerts and updates as they come out.

Saturday we went to Bear Creek NC to visit Roberta’s friends.  It turns out her Friends Susie is related to the family that owns Southern Supreme Fruitcake Company.  After we got a tour of Susie’s 4 1/2 acre farm she gave us a tour of the factory and the store.  It was very interesting.  We stayed long until about 4 when we started to hear the thunder rolling around.  We headed back home in the rain.  Of course like it had over the last few days it didn’t last very long.  BEfore going home we stopped at Golden Corral for dinner.

The rest of the night was quietly spent.  We could see the fireworks display at the 5 County Stadium.  We eventually went to bed about Midnight.

Today we had breakfast with friends at a place called New York Deli.  It was very good.  After Breakfast we did some grocery shopping and relaxed until we went to a late afternoon movie in North HIlls.  IT was Independence Day:Resurgence and it wasn’t all that great.  We had supper at the Pig shack right in the North Hills mall (really nice place) and then headed home.

Tomorrow, we will be hanging out in the morning and then having a late day  picnic and watch the fireworks from the stadium.  I am making potato salad for the event.  As for the rest of the week We have only a couple more days left before I head back home.  I think we are still planning a trip to Hamricks at some point but I am not sure what else is planned.  

I have been getting updates from Shea every few days and she says the kitties  are doing fine.  They peek out but haven’t come to her yet.  I miss them a lot and look forward to their craziness when I come home next week.

I have gotten some news from Dr. T that I shared with Mama.  First there was some club updates.   Some of the girls wanted to do a beach clean up but because we are both busy it can’t be done as they need to be supervised.  The next bit wasn’t a huge shock but it only confirmed my suspicion on the future of the club.  It seems Dr. T is considering looking out of state for jobs.  The next several months will be the deciding factor.

I had a really neat experience.  Just as we were leaving the airport on Thursday I saw my very first wild coyote in a field just outside the airport grounds.  That same day over 600 miles away back in milford there was a coyote sighted near the private high school.


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