Plans Changed again

I got a call from Liz telling me she has a sore throat and feeling lousy and didn’t want me to get sick so I will be setting up the account myself.  We talked about her “family night” that ended up getting cancelled.  So she and N went to Outback by my end of town.  I did tell her about the sink problem.  She suggested I call B Soda but I don’t have his number so I contacted Lawyer Bob.  Not a word from him.

Around noon the peapod arrived and everything was there.  I was surprised by the price because it was a little more than I thought it would be even though they did say the prices may be different.  The bananas were a little brown in areas. 

I made some phone calls to J and T and see if they were home and they weren’t.  I did get a text message later from Jim telling me that everything was great but very hot.  He sent me a picture of his cat on his lap.

My kitties took off for under the bed for most of the afternoon when Peapod arrived.  They were still there when I left and only came out a couple of times since I got home.  While I was cooking dinner Sky came down and then went back upstairs under the bed.  I would later check in on him thinking Tiger would be there. She wasn’t she was hiding under my nightstand behind the breathing machine carrying case.  She let me pet her for a while then she took off for downstairs.  Sky and I followed her and I came back to watch TV and surf the net.

Now here is something I feel embarrassed about.  I truly believed today was the kids birthdays.  I posted it on Facebook and have had people liked and sent birthday wishes for them.  I looked on some papers and the date of their birthday is NEXT Week.  What am I going to do?

I left here just around 1:30 for bingo. I made a stop at DD for an ice coffee and it was good.  I was late for bingo but it didn’t look like anyone was there.  It turns out that Natalie and Maria did a beach run with some of the residents.  They came back about quarter of 3.  I got a chance to chat with them and everything is good.

Since today is National Ice Cream day at the suggestion of one of the residents I headed to Carvel for ice cream.  You could BOGO ice cream cones.  Well I behaved and just got one.  I could have easily gotten one at the Sunday House or DQ for less (it was about $4.00)

I am still waiting for the almighty thunderstorm the weather forecast predicted for today.  It was supposed to be here at 4-it never came.  Then it was supposed to come between 6 and 7.  Nothing.  I was putting off watering the grass for this reason.  So that’s what’s happening the grass is being watered and so is part of the back room or it was.

There seems to be a nice evening breeze now. 

As I close out tonight I extend my sympathies to the families, colleagues, and friends of the three police officers who were killed today.  This open season on cops must end and end soon or we will not be the kind of people we aspire to be.


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