Feeling overwhelmed

I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed today.  I haven’t finished any of my blog entries since Tuesday.  I have been tired at night.  I am hoping while I am doing some chores tonight I will get it done.
I haven’t empty the dishwasher completely and the laundry is starting to build up again.  Again I am either too tired or I didn’t want to do it when I should. 
This weekend is a tad busy for me.  I have my rescheduled hair appointment from last week, I am going to dinner with Dave for my birthday.  It is still up in the air about getting together with Cheryl and Liz about the condo search.
Work has been keeping me busy.  I helped out at a union activity today at noon.  I was helping pass out Literature for the Union to incoming students and their families.  I was on Chapel street at the lovely shop that Siduri and I went to during our Saturday trip to the city.  As soon as I finished passing the literature out I headed back to the office. 
We had the party for Janet and SR spoke and thanked her for her service and we all had cake.  The next celebration we will be having is now for V for her wedding next month.

Contract negotiations are continuing but whether or not it’s good or bad depends on who you talk to.  There hasn’t been any chatter of strikes so that is a good thing.  The biggest issue is job security (that’s across the campus)


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