Laundry Day

It was early Sunday morning when I put some laundry in the wash as it is one day close to Roberta’s arrival.  I still had much to do in the form of vacuuming, dusting and making sure things look okay.  She is not usually worried but I sure as hell don’t want the repeat performance of our visit to her friend in Bear Creek.

I slept downstairs last night and it was okay except for the shoulder pain and the slight headache I woke up with. Both eventually went away until late this afternoon.  I managed to stay in bed until 6:30.  Of course the kitties objected as they usually do.  They got fed and watered and I had my coffee and continued to wake up.

I had every intention of getting to Lowes today but decided that getting the laundry done and a few other things before leaving for bingo was more important.  When I got back from Bingo I cleaned the bathroom floor.

The few other things included trying to empty out my inbox on the computer and making sure the computer in the spare office was ready for Roberta to use when she needed it.    I managed to get two bags of garbage out too. 

I was quite pleased when I did one of the boatload of puzzle site puzzle and my first high score was 1542 I think that’s the highest in a while.  Usually when I do a few of them the subsequent scores are lower.  Will try some more shortly.

I heard from Dr. T today.  We have some activities coming up.  In the next couple of weeks and the kick off to our year.  Some activities we have coming up are a Rita’s fundraiser (we serve them ice cups), a membership drive and our officers meeting, and a car wash in September. 

Bingo went well.  At times that hour seemed like forever and others it was where did it go?  By then I was getting really tired and I believed I had some stuff to still do.  After bingo I headed to one of my cousins house to see if they were there but I didn’t see them and I even called and they didn’t answer.  I finally got a hold of them just after 7.

It was a 12 minute call.  They had been traveling and just got back and were out doing errands today.  BC was full of wonderful news.  His wife D retired back in June from teaching and is just getting adjusted to it.  It will definitely be different when school is back in session.  Their eldest son and daughter in law are expecting their first baby in November.  Their youngest son works for NBC and is currently in Rio for the Olympics and will be there until September 5.  I think Nanny and my Grandfather will be very happy to know their family is growing again.

I was hoping to get together with my niece tonight but alas it didn’t happen.  That’s okay I was getting tired and starting to get a headache.  The reason for our getting together is to give her the letter from her father to her Grandmother.  Besides it will give me a chance to read the 40 plus year old letter for myself.  Liz doesn’t think I should keep any old letters or cards and pass them on to any more family members because it wouldn’t mean anything to them.  I do not share that opinion.  It’s a window to our past and to know what those who were in our lives were doing, thinking, and experiencing at different times in their lives. 

Well I have a few more things to do before going to bed (like cleaning up the kitchen from dinner) have a great night.