Mid Week Reflection

Today is the 4th anniversary of my brother Bob’s passing.  He had been moving furniture around at his home with his wife and he sat down to review a blog he moderated (unbeknownst to the rest of us) at the time and suffered a massive heart attack.  He never made it to the hospital.  I haven’t seen anything on FB from his kids or my SIL but they made not feel they need to. 

This last few days I have had my friend Roberta visiting from NC.  While I have been working she has been running some errands, visiting friends, doing some shopping.  We are getting together to have a Mexican train this weekend.  The beginning of the week she will be traveling up to Somers NY to visit family overnight.   Then as the week draws to a close she will stay with some friends in the next town while my brother comes up for the annual Oyster festival next weekend.  Then she will be leaving the following Monday for home.

I had a Dr. Appointment today he wants me on Lasik, and get back on the cpap machine.  I will see him again in December.   


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