Is it Friday yet?

I had a great start to my Tuesday.  The kitties were able to wake me up and I got ready a t a decent hour yet stayed online longer than I should have been and still managed to leave before running into the buses.

One of the most touching and most exciting moments this morning was watching Neighbor Kim taking pictures of her Daughter Shannon beginning her Senior Year of high school.  I was shouting out from the window well wishes (not realizing there may be people still sleeping) to Shannon.  Neighbor K posted pictures on her FB page this morning.  I can only imagine what Dad Sean felt as he left for work this morning.

It’s been nonstop working this morning from opening the mail from Friday and todays with one or two that didn’t come in that normally comes in.  The rest of the day I spent mostly on the insurance refunds and made a couple of mistakes that I managed to fix but I still was hard on myself for it.
We had issues with the phones for a couple of hours but my time and date or all messed up…I tried to fix it myself but it isn’t working.  I am not sure who to contact for that.

There was a light rain near the end of the day and all I could think of is it’s about time.