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It Looks LIke

Well it looks like Sis and I are going to do some interesting baking this weekend for the bake and plant sale on Sunday. One was almost like apple tarts and the other a Canoli cake and if either of those do not work we will use the frozen cookie as back up. So we made plans for her to come here so we can look over among other things recipes and put a grocery list together. The recipes may be fun but I hope not that overwhelming. I don’t want to turn anyone off there who will be buying it either.

Oh “among other things”? Include going over the bills, showing me how to turn on the furnace (not from the thermostat), how to download from the SIMS card that is in the cell phone, and fill out the paperwork from the cable company to change the names on the accounts. 

I tried to download the sim card t to the tower/hard drive and it didn’t work. Now I am thinking I was supposed to click on the app to back up and then move it to the laptop. I was all set to go to AT&T store and ask for help but Liz wants to take a look at it first. I am not sure I feel good about that.

The cats have been acting skittish this evening. Sky was running around and nearly slid a few times. I thought for sure he hurt himself. He is at the foot of the bed right now. Tiger is somewhere downstairs. I think. She seems to be less skittish now. She spent time downstairs in the cellar a long time after I called her. I was hoping if it got cooler last  shewould come upstairs and cuddle.

I was going to stay up late and do the book work and write some letters but it didn't work I was to tired. I slept on and off all night and also got up early with a headache.


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Moved Slowly

This is a definite slow day.  This morning did our regular routine for a Saturday.  The kitties have been fed, and have been let down into the cellar,  I cleaned out the litter boxes, and went back to sleep with the TV watching me...get the picture?
Peapod arrive just after 9:30.  I didn’t need to see them as Sky was running up the stairs.  The driver pulled into the neighbor’s (Hockey guy’s) driveway.  I asked her not to do it she explained it wouldn’t be for long and she figured it was mine.  I just shrugged my shoulders and resigned myself to the fact she will do it.   Please for the love of all that’s right next time listen to me.  BEsides there was plenty of room in front of the house!  I got every thing that I ordered and put it all away.  Another list is already started for next week.
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I am so sorry I haven’t finished the weekend entries.  I just was too tired and Monday was busy.  I know I have my Florida adventures to write up but again.  Not enough time or energy lately.  
I am looking forward to next weekend as I am meeting up with Siduri and we are going to spend the day in the city and visit Peabody museum and have lunch.  On sunday is baby Giada’s Christening and I am really looking forward to that.  I haven’t met Giada yet but from the pictures her parents and grandparents post she is beautiful.
WE had some late night rain last night and early morning rain today.  We may have more as the week progresses but that’s okay.  Meteorologist Geoff Fox began his second week at his summer Gig at Channel 8 this week.  His first week went well even with some first time hiccups with the technology.  He is having a blast along with his colleagues and fans.
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As i was finishing up feeding the cats this morning I walked into the living room and found what looked like a hairball on the window sill that landed on the floor.  Ick  I don’t know why they have so many hairballs.  There is two more around the house.  Cleaned one up in the office upstairs the other day.
I let them downstairs already.  I actually am not sure if both went or just Sky.  I turned around after finishing cleaning up hairball number 2  and tiger was just sitting there.
My other objectives today would include laundry and church and of course bingo.  I know you are surprised about the church but it's time I go back.
Nothing is wrong but this is proactive.  I feel that when I don’t go to church for a long time my whole center seems off balance and things go wrong.  I want to prevent that from happening.  Considering I am also on the Ladies guild Board now.  I best do it.
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