Mid week Reflection-Day late

I have to say I can’t wait until we get the new garbage bins later this month.  They look like the recycle bins but will be black.  They are to be part of our new Automatic Garbage pickup system.  They will come in two sizes.  The normal huge one and then a smaller version for those of us who don’t have a lot of garbage to put out.  We will not have to use our own personal broken down ugly ones.  The same one that apparently every critter known to man likes knocking over in my yard.  It happened this morning but I didn’t have time to pick up everything.

I went to the Democratic Presidential Debate Party at Sen Slossberg’s home and it was okay.  I got bored when both candidates started to insult each other but I understand Mrs. Clinton was defending herself.  Mr. Trump is a bully. People want to know how the people we are putting in to office are going to deal with matters, and our allies, and all that.  He never said anything worthwhile.

Tonight I have my health coach appointment and the Union Meeting.  I am going to be very tired when I get home.