My Birthday

Yesterday started very early for me.  I woke up around 4 and decided to get up and have coffee and watch TV and check on the kitties.  Well they thought “Great we get fed early”.  They didn’t.  They got fed their normal time of around 5:30. I left at a good time and got to work on time.

When I arrived at my desk I found wonderful gifts of food, flowers, balloons, and eventually more cards, and through the day many birthday wishes from my FB friends and family.  I was still thanking many by the time I went to bed last night.

I met my sister and BIL for dinner at Jimmie’s Apizza here in Milford and we shared each other’s pizza’s.  We didn’t have dessert there but I did when I got home.  I found a floral arrangement waiting for me on the porch and they were from Jim. 

The kitties were enjoying the flowers too.  I slept on the couch last night just so they wouldn’t try to eat it.  I had to find the spray bottle.  I am thinking they didn’t bother it during the night but tried this morning.  Sky slept above my head while the princess slept in the back room.

Yesterday seemed pretty busy with the refund checks.  Yesterday was the launch date for the “rebranding”.  We had to change our signatures and voice mail messages to reflect the change.  We still won’t get the new letterhead until next week.  I guess some areas already got them.

Heard from Mama Roberta again this week.  I sent her a message earlier to keep her abreast of the condo search.  Anyway she is expecting the tropical storm that’s supposed to hit NC by Monday.  She says that her sister Marsha is fine but its pouring down in Tampa.

There are a couple of Hurricanes in Southern part of Florida.  One is crossing the Gulf of Mexico into Florida and if I read the radar right it is hitting the pan handle of Florida.  We got a message from Cousin Carol via FB that they are preparing for one of the storms and she is just south of Jacksonville.  I have friends in that state as well.

This afternoon I meet with Debra and then pick up my car.  Tonight should be fairly quiet.  I may focus on my pen pal writing.