Thankful Thursday

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all.
2.            I am thankful for my kitties
3.            I am thankful for my job
4.            I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health
5.            I am thankful for my neighbors
6.            I am thankful for my home
7.            I am thankful for my friends
8.            I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.
9             I am thankful for the weather.
10.         I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times. 

As you know I didn’t have my infusion yesterday and it has been rescheduled for tomorrow.  I even offered to call Aetna myself but she in a way discouraged it.  At this point we are still waiting for the authorization and if we don’t get it tomorrow we have to reschedule it again.  If we don’t get it done by next week perhaps Dr. Sonia could step in.

I see Debra this afternoon and we will have our session and talk about things that happened this week.  There may be a couple of weeks soon that I won’t be able to meet with her again next month.
I received an email yesterday from HR alerting me that I will be honored at the 2017 Long Term Service awards dinner (for those celebrating 25 or more years) at Schwarzman Center Dining Hall. They will be sending a photographer to take pictures of me for the yearbook to be published at a later date.  So now I have a goal to lose weight and get some nice clothes.  The date of the dinner is early May.

NW is organizing another holiday party for the department and it will be held at Birchwood on December 10 from 6-10.  I hope to go. It was a lot of fun last year and the price seems right.

Last night I notice a low flying helicopter along the beach.  I found out that there was “alleged” lost boater (99 years old?) it turns out the 71-year-old man who reported it either lied (according to or made a mistake and the 71-year-old man was taken to the hospital for observation.  There is an investigation going on. 

The weather is absolutely beautiful especially for it being fall!  It’s supposed to be nice for the next few days.  A part of me wants to go out and start walking in it and the other is going to just do what ever.