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Fairly Quiet Day

This morning should be fairly quiet.  IF I wouldn’t keep swearing at the 2 pcs in the house for being either too slow or not removing some AVG scan box that constantly scans.  The laptop is apparently still doing whatever it's doing.  My Plans were to go to church and then bingo.   I have some laundry to still do and to fold.
Tonight is Mischief Night.  Over the years I didn’t do much of this activity because I didn’t see the point..  I did find some interesting info here about mischief night.  I realize this site in which I have given credit isn’t alway reliable but it suits me for this purpose.  There aren’t that many kids around here so I doubt anything will happen.  Unless my neighbors daughters has friends over but they don’t seem to be the type to do that.
The kitties are relaxing somewhere around here.  A few  times they have been in my old room trying to get into the closet but I shooed them away.  They have been sleeping at night at my feet and haven’t done too much wrestli…

Saturday Doings

I really hate computers sometimes.  Late this afternoon my laptop decided that windows needed an update.  Do you know that at 10 to midnight it is still going on?  I have had to use my PC in the old room and it had to go through several Norton updates of its own..  Its already slow and I still have lots of stuff to move around and update from when I was doing on the laptop.

Besides the computer issues today has been fairly quiet.  I did a little bit of laundry, made pizza for lunch and a couple of frozen dinners from lean cuisine for dinner.  I also have been grazing on stuff as well.  I watched TV did some surfing on the laptop until the big update occurred.

I called Mama J this morning and talked with her for quite some time.  I had received some news about her family from DeniseK at work.  I wanted to call her then but Denise felt it would be better to wait because she was upset still.  The news and further story was that J’s daughter and family had a house fire in the last ten da…

Mid Week Reflection

Well here is the last mid-week reflection for October 2016.This month has definitely flown by quickly as most month seem to.I keep thinking as we get closer to the New Year the next couple of months will be incredibly busy.
The weekend was filled with family activities.Birthdays and just hanging out with family for most of the weekend.Like I said the next few months will be with family.This weekend will be fairly quiet I noticed.Probably a good time to catch up on a few things.
Work has been incredibly busy with the refunds and mail (Not as much mail) but the refunds seem to keep coming.I don’t mind it because there is a lot to keep in mind.Made a few mistakes here and there so even though they are not bat shit crazy over it they are patient and that just makes me want to be vigilant at being better at it,
There were a couple of events in the office honoring and remembering those who had breast cancer.We contributed and got a mini breakfast and for next three Friday’s we get to wear t-s…

crazy busy again

Monday is becoming a distant memory now.  Nothing happened in a bad way but now that it is Tuesday all I can remember is work was busy, I took my two new suits to the cleaners to get altered, and had Chinese food for dinner.  I also got on the CPAP machine by 8:30 and didn’t feeling like writing yesterday.  Well I should be starting to get phone calls from parishioners who want to attend the auction in November.  The announcement was in this past weekend’s bulletin. I sent a message to Liz this morning to see if she noticed.  Around Lunchtime I heard from her.  She thought the prices for the suits alteration was steep but she didn’t see the auction announcement. No news from the Woman’s club except I didn’t go to bingo on Sunday.  I may have mentioned that Sunday night.  I haven’t had any more orders for the pies or the dog treats but I am pleased with the turn out so far.  It’s more than in years past. We are doing the Veteran’s Day Activity at the Birmingham rest Home in Ansonia …

Had No heat this morning

I woke up to cold again. I had been out most of yesterday running errands here and there and then to my great nephew Lucas’ birthday party so I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.I turned the heat up to 71 and it should have been up there in at least 10 minutes.While the cats were eating I checked the switch downstairs and it went on but didn’t seem to stay on. So the kitties and I are in the bedroom.The kitties are sleeping and I was watching Pioneer Woman.I really love that show.
Yesterday was pretty messy and cold.I managed to run the errands I needed (the bank, the card store) and then my trip back to the office to pick up the cell phone.It was really weird being in the office and it was completely dark and no one was there.I have been there on Saturdays when there was OT but since there is no OT no one was there.
It was still pretty early to go to the party.So I headed back to the house and found my two suits from Jessica London waiting for me.I haven’t taken them out yet a…

Saturday Doings

It is just after 8 in the morning.The kitties have had their breakfast after I was able to stay in bed until 7.Actually I slept on the recliner again and it was actually very comfortable.Tiger stayed with me for a few hours last night before I went to sleep.
Today I have a few things to do.I have to go to the credit union, go back to the office and get my phone and then go to young Luca’s birthday party this afternoon.I probably won’t go grocery shopping until tomorrow as I don’t seem to need a lot this week.
My coffee order was shipped yesterday and I suspect it will be here early next week.That would be great.I am very interested in trying out the tea I got Mandarin something.I also ordered decaf Caribou brand.
I was hoping for another quick nap but it doesn’t look like I am going to get it done.I don’t think I got up much during the night.I did actually set up the CPAP machine for tonight…The doctor really wants me to use it.It will help with the heart.

I don't think I want...

After hearing about a cyber-attack today on some sites I frequent (Okay so one) I am not so sure I want to go to those sites tonight.After I heard Anchorman (do the still call them Anchorpersons?) David Muir open the newscast with the Cyber-attack report I got online to read more about it. Apparently someone hacked into the company DYN and disrupted many sites.They are not sure who is behind it.There are some theories but I didn’t hear them.I had checked my Bank account on the office Computer even though I brought the laptop. It wasn’t charging today so I had to wait until I got home to use it.However I went to a few sites on break.I have to wonder if it will effect work computer.
Work was very busy.I split my time between the refund checks and the mail.The mail I didn’t finish yesterday and the mail that came today and all the refund checks that came to me both in personal and insurance refunds.Most if not all have been documented but I had to stop and think of what needed to be done …

Thankful Thursday

1.I am thankful for my family warts and all.
2.I am thankful for my kitties
3.I am thankful for my job
4.I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health
5.I am thankful for my neighbors
6.I am thankful for my home
7.I am thankful for my friends
8.I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.
9I am thankful for the weather.
10.I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.

Well I think the Indian summer is over.It was much chillier this morning than it has been all week and it got cloudy mid-day.It is was in the high 60’s in Milford and New Haven during the day.I am just waiting for some showers to come through as predicted and we are supposed to get the same thing tomorrow.Not so sure about the weekend.
There was a mix up with the infusion this week so I had an afternoon off but a full and active day today.I had my appointment and infusion all in one.Then I had to get bloo…

Midweek Reflection

Well I did some clothes and shoe shopping this weekend and I just got an email alert saying the order was shipped yesterday.I have no idea if that means I will be getting it on Saturday or early next week.That will be great because I am tired of wearing same things every other day.
I was supposed to have my infusion this afternoon and made the effort to drink a lot of water.I almost forgot about it yesterday.I was afraid the tech would have a problem but it didn’t matter because they didn’t have me down for today.I was really aggravated.I even complained about Jennifer’s lack of the Drixoral and Tylenol.She confessed that she has done it herself.They had glitches with the computer.Really?Well from now on I will ask for a card and attach it to my appointment book.So we have to do this all again tomorrow during my appointment with Sonia or Anita.I am not looking forward to telling Supervisor.
I called Liz but she was in the garden working.She called me when I got back to the house.We made…


I can’t believe how incredibly warm it still is yet at the same time it’s been breezy since I got home.I actually noticed the temperature difference between New Haven and coming closer to the house.It has to be about 77 degrees in the house and its 73 outside.It is also dark already.Sunset was a little after 6 pm tonight.The moonrise is going to be after 8 tonight.Tomorrow is going to be in the 80’s and by next week there should be some rain and back to normal temperatures that for this time of year.
I need to find new sneaker laces because a certain young lady of the feline persuasion nearly chewed my laces off.I have shooed (ugh that’s bad) her away and put the sneakers into the closet for now.I can’t believe this I haven’t even worn them for more than a day and she got to them.
When I got home tonight I had to shower because I had another problem and I am wondering if it was the food I have been eating for the last couple of days.I started more laundry and will need to move it along …

Still not feeling great

Once I got to sleep by 10 I thought I was feeling better.  Today I still feel like crud.  It may be another quiet night in the Casa de Kate hacienda tonight.  I do need to finish some chores like emptying the dishwasher and the dryer and fold clothes but other than that nada.  Of course watch NCIS. Today is my sister and Brother-in-law’s Wedding anniversary.  I sent them an e-card already and she got it.  I don’t know what they are planning for the day (probably nothing).  She didn’t answer until much later in the day but it will be dinner and a movie. We are going to get together on Wednesday so she can show me some more catalogs.
I heard from Dr. T regarding the list.  Apparently I wasn’t clear enough in my message saying what was acceptable or not.  I gave her the list of things that were acceptable.  She asked about the other stuff.   So I reiterated what wasn’t good.
I got an invitation to a reception for Bridges (the organization Mom was on the board of) it is on the 18th after wor…

Not going to be a long one

I am making this a short one tonight.I am not feeling well and I am tired.It started just as I was coming home tonight from work.
Had a busy day at work today.I spent the morning working on refunds while the afternoon was the mail.We are going to be promoting breast cancer awareness month by wearing pink all month (yes it’s almost over I know) and we will be having a breakfast sometime next week I heard.I will try and find something pink besides my sweater.
I heard from Natalie today (had some cell phone interference) and finalized the list of what we can give at Christmas time to the residents.I sent that list to Dr. T this evening.Now if we are still running next year we will have this on record as I will be saving it in the computer files.
I had steak and potatoes and salad for dinner along with ahem frosting.Didn’t eat all of it and no I don’t think that’s what causing my current problem.
The kitties are fine they are downstairs right now.They came to the door as I came in tonight.Sig…

Busy Afternoons Again

The shopping trip for shoes was delayed by a couple of hours when I had gotten a text from Liz apologizing for delaying but she was tired and needed more rest.This allowed me to do a few things as well as chill for a bit.
When she picked me up I was ready to go and the first place we went was to Hawley Lane shoes where “Ellen” the salesman started helping us with the shoe selection.Within an hour I had two pairs of new shoes and the offer to fix another pair of mine that is not helping me much.I just now have to find it.Both of them were $129.They do look better than my current sneakers and pretty much go with everything. After that shop and buy my sister thought we should try DSW.I usually claim that I can’t find anything in my size.I was proven wrong yesterday.I now have a new pair of Ryka walking shoes.Blue and Purple they are comfortable.I haven’t heard the name before but I will look it up later.
After the shoe shopping I was done.We had just one more stop to make and it was at the…

Good bye Little Prince

Seven years ago I met my neighbors newest ‘child’.  He was at least two pounds in the hand.  A Tiny loveable and huggable Yorkshire Terrier.  His name ranged from Mikey to Boppy to Pup-Pup.  He brought so much unconditional love to all who knew him especially his Mama Sylvia and the extended family.  Yesterday they said goodbye to him as he crossed over the rainbow bridge. I did send an email card to her but she hasn’t seen it or acknowledged it yet.  I knew something was up even before she posted that he had gone.  She looked upset as she was talking to her sister yesterday.  I just didn’t feel right running over there yesterday.  I don’t know if she will get another puppy or pet in the near future (yes I realize it’s too early for some right now to think of that but I have seen others get new fur babies a short while after losing previous pets/fur children.)  It probably will be easier for her to move to a new place and find something. Liz called me last night to invite me shoe sh…

Thankful Thursday

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all. 2.            I am thankful for my kitties 3.            I am thankful for my job 4.            I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health 5.            I am thankful for my neighbors 6.            I am thankful for my home 7.            I am thankful for my friends 8.            I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. 9             I am thankful for the weather. 10.         I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.  Everyone is doing well this week.     NO major catastrophes which I am grateful for.  Just the happy news about the upcoming births of the newest babies. The kitties are quietly in their spots at home but last night I was annoyed with them.  They got downstairs and wouldn’t come up and I was too tired to chase them around but that’s basically what I did.  Of course Sky came …

Mid Week Reflection

I would have to say it’s been a quite week with it being Columbus Day holiday weekend.  Did a few things here and there but quiet for the most part.  We had some rain but still need more and not sure if we are going to be getting it later this week.
We got some baby news from two fronts of the same branch of the family tree.  We should be seeing new babies come early to mid-spring.  I just love babies.  I am very happy for both couples and wish them the best.
Tuesday I went to my second Ladies Guild meeting and volunteered to sell the tickets for our auction in November.  I am in charge of them. Wee.  My friend Janet will come by tonight and give me everything and explain it to me.  It shouldn’t take too long because both of us have meetings to attend.
There was a dead body found in a burning car last week in town and the identity was released earlier this week.  The man had been a member of one of the local rotary clubs in town and was accused and guilty of embezzling money from the org…

Don't Know what's going on

For two days now have been having a dry tickle in the throat.  This morning I started coughing for no reason.  I feel fine otherwise but for those two things.  I am thinking and I know this sounds gross but I was choking on my own saliva.  At break time I got my flu shot at the flu clinic at Harkness.  The line was very long but moved quickly.
I found out that Golden Corral Restaurants is moving into Milford where the old Hometown buffet was up until last February.  I can’t believe we are finally getting one.  We have been getting ads for it on TV for years.  I went to one in Raleigh when I was visiting Mama R and Papa M this past summer.
Late last week there was a dead body in a car found burning and today the identity was released to the papers.  The man was a member of the Devon Rotary in town and apparently embezzled money from them.  He went to jail and served a 3-year term for the embezzlement.  This is frightening that this stuff can occur and it has been suggested to me that …

MOnday Musings

Happy Columbus day to everyone in the US and those abroad and for my Canadian Readers Happy Thanksgiving!Hope you enjoyed your holidays.Since I work at the University neither apply to me.The mail volume was lighter than it usually is.So I spent most of it doing the refund letters.
I heard from Liz Sunday night (she had no idea I called earlier) anyway we talked for nearly a half hour to hour (we got disconnected).She talked about meeting the future in-laws and the party they had.She also gave me great news that I later found out on Facebook.Young Mike and Young Ashley will be having another baby in March.While his sister Jessica and husband Chris will be expecting again and barring any problems should have a baby in April.
We also talked about the Thanksgiving holiday and where I will be spending it and she asked if that bothered me and I told her no it didn’t.I just need to make arrangements for the kitties.
Since I went to bed late Sunday I was very tired today and plan on hitting the …

Pajama Day

It is just a little before 11 and I am still in my jammies.I got up just before 6 and fed the cats and then fell back to sleep on the couch for an hour.My original plan was to get out early and go to church but now I will be going at 4:30.I am not skipping it no way no how.
Been surfing the net, and finishing last night’s entry and posting it. I got tired.Updated my checkbook, answered some emails, and called the nursing home to tell them I wasn’t coming in today.
I started looking at some outfits on and saw a couple I wanted Liz’s opinion so I called her but alas she wasn’t feeling and out cold.So I told (more like agreed) she could call me much later.I have been trying really hard to honor her request on not calling daily and have been doing pretty well.Actually now that I think of it she hasn’t called since our financial hour last week.I guess I don’t have to feel guilty about calling her than. Right?
One of the emails I got was from Mama Roberta.It would seem the Storm for…

I have been waiting for a night

If you have been following my blog for a while you would know that I love Rainy weekend nights.Those nights I can get in to my pajamas early and get into bed and either watch TV or get on the computer and enjoy the evening.Sometimes I can hear the rain and some nights like tonight I really can’t.
The afternoon did pass quickly.I decided to call Mama Roberta and we chatted for what was nearly 45 minutes and made me late for my hair appointment.Anyway, Mama and I talked about the hurricane that neither of us really seemed to be getting.The new neighbors and the neighborhood Halloween party that’s coming up.She and Papa Mike will be visiting Daughter Miriam in the next week before that party.We also discussed club business as well.
When I finished getting my hair done I was heading to the store then realized my phone was low on the battery and needed to be charged so I went home to charge (I really didn’t need to go at that moment anyway).I stopped at the post office but there wasn’t anyth…

Saturday doings

I can’t believe it is Saturday again.I am hoping the weekend goes slower than the past week.I know it won’t because like the work week it never does.Sometimes we think the days go by slow or we wish it but it never does.
The only things that need to be done is more volunteering for the candidates and a haircut and grocery shopping.I probably could do that tomorrow after bingo.I think I may not do bingo this weekend.
There was a scary situation in Madison yesterday.There was a search for an armed man who committed a robbery in Ohio and carjacking in Michigan on the loose in that town.Luckily he was caught sometime last night but it caused a lockdown of that town in the area of that town.I was concerned because we have people who live in that area.Mom’s cousins live south east of that area.Of course Nelson Jr and his family live about 8 miles east of there too.
The kitties are as you can see above chilling.I think Sky took over Tiger’s seat again.The two of them have been taking turns sitt…