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Busy Afternoons Again

The shopping trip for shoes was delayed by a couple of hours when I had gotten a text from Liz apologizing for delaying but she was tired and needed more rest.  This allowed me to do a few things as well as chill for a bit.

When she picked me up I was ready to go and the first place we went was to Hawley Lane shoes where “Ellen” the salesman started helping us with the shoe selection.  Within an hour I had two pairs of new shoes and the offer to fix another pair of mine that is not helping me much.  I just now have to find it.  Both of them were $129.  They do look better than my current sneakers and pretty much go with everything. After that shop and buy my sister thought we should try DSW.  I usually claim that I can’t find anything in my size.  I was proven wrong yesterday.  I now have a new pair of Ryka walking shoes.  Blue and Purple they are comfortable.  I haven’t heard the name before but I will look it up later.

After the shoe shopping I was done.  We had just one more stop to make and it was at the Petco Adoption event so that my sister could see the dogs that drove from Athens Georgia. AT least I thought it was.  I tried looking the organization up but I haven’t been able to find them online and that really concerns me.  First of all I am pretty sure there are many “local rescues and organizations that need help in adoption of these wonderful yet loud dogs.  I am not sure how long we stayed but I think it was two by the time I got home.

I was so tired and hungry that I was grazing in the bacon, frozen dinners, and ended up sleeping the couch while watching TV.   That lasted about two hours and then I went to the store and got some dinner.  Didn’t eat it all but it will be left overs tonight.

Cleaned up a little here and there and then went upstairs to curl up and watch TV and cuddle with Mr. Sky.  I eventually fell asleep early.

This morning I stayed in bed until 6 and got up and did our regular routine.  I put the TV on in the living room. Half expecting to hear nothing but the speakers are working.  Now I can have my meals in there again.  I actually don’t know how long this is going to last.  Two days going strong.

After a while I came back upstairs to finish the letter to Mary in Australia.  I watched TV and did some surfing on the net.

Late in the morning I got ready for the woman’s club cancer awareness bracelet sale at Stop and Shop and took off for that.  I spent 2 hours there.  It was very windy compared to the weeks ago first sale.  The girls were great there were several this time.  They reacted to some of the people who walked ignored them and didn’t contribute.  They also discussed what changes could be made in the future.  If they only knew.

When I left the store I came back to the house and finished the sausage and peppers from last night. IT wasn’t a lot but I tried to drink water so hopefully it helped.  I got back on line until it was time for me to take off for bingo.

I was a little late for bingo but Bob was there getting people from the floors.  We had close to twenty people and we played until 3.  Aside from a woman in the recreation room yelling “help” it went very well.  Several of the residents won multiple times.  I made sure the list of gifts from the club were left for Natalie.  Even before Bob put it down he said there were definitely two things we couldn’t give them.  Nail polish remover, the Shaving cream and shavers. 

After bingo I went to Stop and Shop and went grocery shopping.  It took me about an hour and 20 minutes (I always am curious to see how long it takes me) and I spent about $108.  I got some canned stuff (fruit), salads, a few meats, and stuff for work, some extra things I really didn’t need but have had already.  There are some things I still need (mostly for the Cannoli Cheesecake.

It was nearly 4:30 as I said so I came home and put away the groceries and relaxed in front of the TV until 5:30 when I had the ribs from last night.  After a while I put that away and started some laundry and finished watching TV for a while.

I decided to come upstairs and surf the net and do some book work while Sky is sleeping at my feet.  Twice I have accidently kicked him with my foot.  I am about ready to fall asleep but I can’t. Not until my laundry has moved along and a few more things are done.

I have noticed the kitties have been taking turns sleeping in the swivel office chair in the study this weekend.  Friday afternoon/evening Sky was in it and then Saturday Tiger was while I was shoe shopping.  Sky got it today while Tiger was splitting time between the back room and the couch.

One of the things that I got done tonight is some wardrobe shopping from some of the online catalogs.  I wanted to get a few outfits for work.  Mostly pants and tops and a few skirt ensembles.  May be a few dresses but I don’t like wearing them much during the fall and winter.  I went to Jessica London and ordered two pant suits and both came to argand total of $75 and change and should be here in about a week.

I can’t keep my eyes opened anymore.  I am so tired like I said to Summer on her live video feed.  She has her own pen pal group on Facebook and so she was going over the mail she got and what was going in her life.  She had been caught in the last hurricane.


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