Saturday doings

I can’t believe it is Saturday again.  I am hoping the weekend goes slower than the past week.  I know it won’t because like the work week it never does.  Sometimes we think the days go by slow or we wish it but it never does.  

The only things that need to be done is more volunteering for the candidates and a haircut and grocery shopping.  I probably could do that tomorrow after bingo.  I think I may not do bingo this weekend. 

There was a scary situation in Madison yesterday.  There was a search for an armed man who committed a robbery in Ohio and carjacking in Michigan on the loose in that town.  Luckily he was caught sometime last night but it caused a lockdown of that town in the area of that town.  I was concerned because we have people who live in that area.  Mom’s cousins live south east of that area.  Of course Nelson Jr and his family live about 8 miles east of there too.

The kitties are as you can see above chilling.  I think Sky took over Tiger’s seat again.  The two of them have been taking turns sitting in the white chair.  They have been chasing each other a few times as well.

Well I have a few things to do before going to the hair salon.  Have a great one..