Another Successful and Long Day

As you know I did the cheesecake bright and early this morning.  In the afternoon I went to my friend Dr. T’s house to make 15 apple pies and watched them make the dog treats.  As usual there were a handful of girls who didn’t show, or didn’t call until last minute.  This is an issue that has been ongoing for quite some time and it will be addressed at the next meeting.

I stayed until six to wait for the treats to cool and get packaged.  It gave me an opportunity to catch up with Dr. T since our last activity and without the girls present.  We even had an opportunity to catch up with our friend Jolyn when she stopped by to pick up her pie order.  She is one busy lady.

I went to Boston Market for dinner and came home and ate it while the beasts continue to sleep.  After I cleaned up and filled the kibble (they came down stairs for a bit).  I did only a fwe things as Livia was coming tomorrow.

I am so tired that I am heading to bed and crashing have a great night.  I am burying myself under the blankets.