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I didn't get much writing done this week

We were all surprised by the rain storm we got Sunday there was even thunder and lightning.  It rained for most of the night and made for a peaceful night.

The afternoon didn’t go as planned.  I couldn’t find the only set of keys I have left (not including the ones I have at Liz’s or the neighbors) for nearly 45 minutes. I had made plans to go have coffee with Liz before going to bingo.  When I couldn’t find them I contacted her and the nursing home to tell them I was having problems.   Liz called me back and calmed me down (I was really frustrated) and we checked off every place I had looked.  We hung up and the next thing I knew I found them under the coat on the banister.  Where I left them Friday.  So I called her back and gave her the news and called the nursing home to tell them I would be there after all.  Before leaving I sat in the back and paid extra attention to the princess. 

I left for the nursing home shortly after 1:30.  Maria was there checking the bingo balls and some were missing so she got some more from the storage room.  Bingo went well, people who were telling me they were leaving are still among the residents.  Something tells me she isn’t going anywhere too soon.  When I left the sky looked ominous. I headed over to Liz’s at that point.

When I got there I found my Nephew R fixing their washer and dryer air vent.  Liz was outside trying to wash the moss off the side of the house until the sky opened up and poured.  We went inside.  Rich had left already.  We spent about an hour talking and it was a great talk.  We talked about an hour and just about then the rain let up and I headed home.  The rest of the night was a bit of blur.

Monday was a busy work day and spent most of it doing what else?  Refund letters.  I finally got an email from the photographer about the “photo shoot for the yearbook and after a couple of emails a day later we have a date for the photo shoot.

Halloween night came and went quietly.  There were only two kids that came trick or treating and they were the neighbors’ nieces.  The three of us were up here for a while.  I checked in with Liz and they only had two as well Nelson 3 and Princess Olivia.

Tuesday was filled with meetings.  I had my union committee meeting at lunchtime and it went well.  This might be a trial run on both parts.  Tuesday night was the Ladies Guild Board meeting.  It was also All Saints Day so I attended mass that evening.  The meeting wasn’t as long as the general meeting but I managed to sell at least 15 more tickets and that was from the board members.  I had an opportunity to meet more members of the ladies guild as well.  Unfortunately I started to not feel very well that night so I was pretty anxious to get home.  Luckily I went to bed as soon as I got home.

Wednesday was just as busy at work and my friend Betty’s Birthday.  We had the first of two caucuses that afternoon.  I had already seen the presentation so I didn’t have to go to it.  I was able to get home at a semi normal time and got use the new “Trash bin” the city has provided us.  I like it not sure how the others feel about theirs.  It is the twin to the recycle bin only black.

Thursday was my day to see Debra.  We had a great session and we discussed work, the conversation that I had with Liz earlier in the week.  I had dinner at the new Gyro place that opened earlier this autumn on Chapel Street.  It was okay.   I am not sure what I was missing but there was something. I did get to see the city’s new tree at the green as Siduri mention earlier this week.   I got home by 6 and by 7:30 I was heading upstairs.  I did some laundry and made sure things were taken care of. 

Friday continued to be busy.  I had worn the second new suit that I bought from Jessica London and as previously they liked it. Some even thought I was going on an interview.  After doing some laundry and having some dinner I came upstairs to watch TV and to try to write.  However, it didn’t work.  I was tired and someone wanted to be a cuddle bug.

Today is Jim’s Birthday so I sent him a cute e-card.  I hope he gets it.  I have also to pay a visit to my friends Nancy, Patrick and Olivia to talk about my afternoon with their fur babies Vlad and Preston.  I had gotten a text message from Nancy earlier in the week to ask if I could watch their pets next weekend and I said sure I just have to tell them I can’t find their key.

Sky and Tiger are both downstairs relaxing.  They both have been very spirited this past week with chasing each other and running around like maniacs.  One or both of them found my DSW bag very interesting and managed to shred it and bring it downstairs where they continue to play with.

Tiger gave me quite a fright this week.  I came home one night and she wasn’t visible.  I looked everywhere and called her several times.  Sky was trying to calm me but it was not helping.  I even looked in her one favorite spot (the recliners) and didn’t see her.  I finally decided to fill the kibble bowl up and no sooner did I do that she comes out from said spot.  I was pretty relieved because I didn’t know what to think.  So when she didn’t come out for a while a second time I realized where she was. 

I better get going have a great Day..


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