Making myself stay up

After having a morning of not wanting to do anything to an active Sunday afternoon I am forcing myself to stay up long enough to get laundry done and the dishwasher emptied.  

I had a great time at my Sister’s and BIL.  Almost all of my nieces and nephews and their families were there.  We had pork, and vegetables, rice (all stuff I probably shouldn’t have had.  You know when there skin and fat is so crispy that you want to eat it?  Well I did and I suspect that at some point during the night I will have problems.  

After lunch I headed to bingo.  Marnie was there getting the residents and I started setting up.  We had a great time today.  The last game was $2.00 and two family members of a few residents donated.  I said my goodbyes to everyone until after thanksgiving.  

It was a little after 3 and I had almost two hours before going to see Preston and Vlad.  I made a call to my cousins who lived near by but wasn’t able to get a hold of them.  I headed home for at least an hour.

When I got home I found sky on the back of the couch Sleeping.  I had no idea where he was when I left earlier so I was relieved to see he was there.  Tiger I think was upstairs.  

I did some surfing and then headed out to Nancy’s house.  THat’s when I saw the supermoon just above the tree line on the highway.  As I previously mentioned I wished I had stopped to take the picture but was satisfied with the one I did take (previous entry).

When I got inside  I was first greeted by Vlad the love bud.  He really was very sweet.  Preston was sitting on his chair and cushions barking and growling.  I didn’t walk up to him I talked with him, sort of chastised him but waited until he was ready to cooperate. I sat on the floor and then he came to me and then went back.  He did this two more times and when he realized I was feeding Vlad he waited (and I gave him a treat/bribe).  He and I went out and did our walk.   We came back and I fed him and then took him outside after he ate.  I sent NAncy a message while I waited for him to do his thing (he didn’t).  We went back inside and he headed back to his spot.  I took off for home.

I had gotten message from Nancy and so I pulled over to the side of the road and answered them.  I got more just a little while ago.

oN the way home I stopped at dQ I had yearning for ice cream so I got one of their freeze things in pumpkin pie.  I started to eat in the car and decided to come home and finish it.

I did fold some clothes but didn’t empty dishwasher.  I am tired now.  So I am going to bed.

I am attached to the CPAp machine and the kitties are at my feet.

Good night.


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