Mid Week Reflection

The end of last week brought visits to old friends and volunteering.  On Saturday I spent time my friend Nancy and her family as we discussed upcoming pet sitting gigs.  I was with them until maybe 11 and then I went to my sisters to spend some Sister time with her.  By the time I got home i wanted to do nothing in order to prepare for the longest Sunday I think i have had in awhile.

Sunday was spent at church all morning.  I went to the first mass and then after that from 7:45 until quarter of 1 we had coffee and after all the masses and sold tickets to our Auction and Christmas party raffle.  We had sold at least $300 worth of tickets.  That afternoon was the Veteran’s Day Salute at the Nursing Home in Derby CT.  It was great and an hour long and we were done by 4 and I was home by 5.

Of course we just came off of a shocking Election.  I worked for most of it.  I voted early in the morning and it didn’t take long but it was packed.  After work I did some poll standing with the candidates including State Rep G Slossberg and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro.  It was good to spend time with them.  I hadn’t a real opportunity to speak to Congresswoman DeLauro since Mom’s death.  Eventually it was time for me to go to the Headquarters and I stayed til the end.  I tried several times to leave early but it helped when I started to feel sick.  I had food that didn’t agree with me (what else is new?).  

I heard from my Cousin who was running for DA in Texas and unfortunately she lost her bid for election.  

On a non-political event I received my long term service “certificate” I posted it to my facebook page and had lot of responses that I still have to respond back.  I was also given a link to choose my new gift.

Today I wasn’t really feeling great still I worked until 10:30 and then headed home. When I got home i showered and got comfortable and rested (and watched TV) fell asleep after doing some laundry.  I did manage to have a sandwich and soup.  The kitties have been sleeping with me for the afternoon.  However something tells me they will be getting up soon and go crazy.  

I decided to stay home tonight from everything including a dentist appointment and the woman’s club meeting.  I am just so tired  my ankle is not giving me any problems like it has all day (and anytime I walk) it really hurts and I have no idea what it is (some form of tendonitis i think).

Tiger is currently at the end of the bed and looks like she is doing a karate move.  Whup she moved out of my line of sight.  Now she up and left.  Sky followed and is off somewhere.  Tiger followed me downstairs when I needed to check some stuff.

The rest of the week should be quiet.  My hope is to relax and do some cooking.  I got some ingredients to make the chicken and the meatloaf.  I also would like to get some letters written.

Sunday after I have some things to do and then next week its pretty busy and getting closer to the holiday.


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