The Weekend is almost here

I did mostly refunds and opening the mail and making sure all outgoing mail got where it was supposed to be.  I was late today because I wanted to try a different route well this particular route I ended up going too far and coming down route 63 into New Haven.  Parts of it were really nice and I never knew about and the other not so much.

I heard from Liz, she was running some errands when she called and she was lamenting that her phone somehow only works in the car and nowhere else.  We talked about the dinner and auction and the upcoming holiday and the gifts she wants me to deliver to the kids.  I had gotten a text around 6 tonight asking me not to come by tomorrow after all because she hadn’t wrapped them yet.  I will get them when I go to her to pick her up  for the auction.

I have done some laundry, I went to the stores and got the house key copied, got the ingredients for the cheesecake, and now I am going to curl up and go to bed.  I am going to sleep in the living room tonight.