Trying to stay out of trouble

I am currently trying to stay out of trouble while my brother is at work.  I am currently using his laptop as mine is not working.  I believe it is the charging cords.  I think they finally crashed.  I tried using JIm’s but it didn’t work either.  Then my phone needed charging and it did then an update. I have also been doing laundry.  I did watch the Star Wars Prequels.

JIm called me to let me know he would be home around 2.  He will probably want to rest and then has some things to do including a meeting or two.  Then we may go to the movies and dinner.  He did say traffic was bad.  I don’t know if I want to go out in that just yet.

I am hoping this update with the phone will mean I won’t have anymore storage problems.  I have been doing everything i can to deal with.  Who knows maybe not.  As Lorraine said its probably going to be constant.

My intention is to leave here in early morning.  I would like to get home before Noon before the crazy stuff begins-again.  I was also going to stop and see Liz and Nelson before hitting the house.  I was also going to go grocery shopping but if it's going to be crazy I may not.


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