Yesterday was the last day of work

Yesterday was the last day of the week for me.  I arrived to find a pile of the refunds missing from my desk.  I checked with a few people and figured it was in one place and it was.  It was in Supervisor’s office and he didn’t know about.  So I spent the morning and most of the day working on refunds.  We decided that from now on we wouldn’t leave them out on the desk if I am going to be away for any length of time.  He knew that I have received these piles late in the day and that sometimes it couldn’t be helped.  We put it in a drawer in another area.  They couldn’t fit in my desk drawer (they don’t lock anyway).

We had a union committee meeting that was short.  We talked about the last meeting and rally reactions.  We discussed the next rally which is a week from tonight.  We discussed some of the concessions and withdrawals from the table.

The drive home was horrible.  I left the garage at 4:20 and didn’t get home until after 5.  I didn’t go on the highway at all.  I took the secondary roads and it was v-e-r-y s-l-o-w.  I was supposed to meet liz by 5:30 but she was heading to a meeting.  She came around 7.

We spent two hours resetting her gifts.  Clearing out my inboxes on both the phone and laptop.  Emails I really wanted to keep for informational and blogs.  My hope is my PC still has them in the OUTLOOK inbox.   She gave me advice about dealing with stress or even unpleasant moments.

The suitcase is packed, my coat is drying, the computer is all charged but I will keep it on the charger until I leave tomorrow.  I will be bringing it with me on the trip.  The phone is charged as well.  All of it I will put in the car in the morning

I am debating whether or not to bring boots.  I have been checking the weather reports for both towns and it doesn’t look like it will have snow.  

I went to bed around 10 last night.