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Christmas 2016

Christmas eve Day was getting last minute things done and preparation for the Christmas Eve dinner at my Nephew and Niece’s house in Fairfield.

Unfortunately as I started getting ready for the day  i found out I had no hot water.  I had so much to do but couldn’t do it until the guy came about an hour later.  Luckily he was done by the time I had to meet with my friend Nancy.

I originally was supposed to go to Nancy’s house to pick up the new house keys and get instructions on the menagerie I would be taking care of at the end of the week but because of the water emergency we made arrangements to meet here..  The house was still a mess and I am not sure she was comfortable about that.  Either that I was not comfortable with it.  Anyway she had a two page instructions for each of the Animals.  There are some slightly new things for Preston such as breaking the dog treats in smaller portions because his teeth aren’t as good as they used to be.  Anyway I also got verbal instructions from Olivia as well about the mice, and fish.  Nancy would prefer if the Beta fish would just up and die.  I think they were there for about 30 minutes or so.   They also forgot the keys at home.  The whole point of coming was to bring me the keys.  So needless to say the keys will be waiting for me.

After they left I got ready to meet up with Liz and Nelson and Rich. It was so nice to have a hot shower.  I actually nearly burned myself to make sure it was hot enough.  Not smart.  It just felt and I figured the steam would help the infection more.  

When I left the sun was starting to come out.  I found the traffic to be very light and I even had time to stop and pick up the rest of the meds to help clear it up.  A short time later I was at my sister's and then we took off.  I even took some of the meds before we got there.   On the way there Liz offered some advice and invitations that if we got too tired or had enough that we would be allowed to leave early.  

When we arrived the sun was still shining and Adam met us outside and invited us to go through the garage.  Everyone was pretty much in the kitchen we walked by where we would be eating.  It was beautifully decorated and set up.  We all greeted each other with hugs and kisses (guaranteed to prolong what ever anyone may have had).  Over the next few hours we had enjoyed a Traditional Polish Christmas eve Dinner with the sharing of a type of bread that can only be described as manna for communion masses.  It was mostly a fish and cold food (there was beef stew (I really can’t think of the word they used to name it).  I enjoyed it immensely.  After watching most of us open gifts it was time for us to go home.  Adam and his family gave me a mug in the shape of a cat face and a small candle from Yankee Candle.

We got home at a fairly decent hour.  I was glad to get home early because I was tired and the meds were kicking in (I found myself having coughing fits and I found it better to excuse myself from the general populace and take care of it).  When I did get home I found the kitties ambling around again.  I got them their kibble and set them up for the night.  I opened my gifts from my Sister in law from PA.  She sent me a lovely sweater, a pair of wooly socks, and money.
Once I got that opened I did a little straightening up and went to bed.

Christmas Day.  i had some of the Coffee cake that my neighbors left me along with a few other things.   Around 11 I headed over to my Sister and BIL’s house and spent the entire day there.  We had Christmas Brunch of eggs, bacon, sausage, and some type of Cinnamon bread dish.  We opened presents afterwards.  Liz and Nelson gave me a cat journal, cat ice tray, calendar, two mugs.  Christian and Jennifer gave me a picture of Liz and me with Chris’s kids.  I am putting that on my desk at work.

After that I spent most of the afternoon on the laptop.  We made several attempts to face time with Jim that time and we were finally successful mid afternoon.  He looked good.  Kitten kept getting in on the conversation.    Everyone else was either napping, watching games or reading.

Dinner time rolled around and we had soup and sandwiches.  It was delicious.   Roast beef was tender and delicious.

Once Dinner was cleared up we got ready to leave.  I was home a short time later and in bed even sooner.

All in all a great holiday.


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