Well the cheesecake was delivered and I waited anxiously for the bake sale to start.  I took it out of the freezer before I left around 7 and put it in the cooler carrier that I left in the car for the last 11 plus days.  It did the trick for what I needed.  I eventually got it to the drop off point and just as I was taking it out of the cooler the entire cake (crust and all) nearly fell on the floor.  Luckily it fell back into place with little effort.  HR Barbara did contact me to get the name of the cake.  However, By the end of the day I know it wasn’t bought.  :sad:  One of my co-workers says it was priced too high for the bake sale.

I spent the day working on the mail from yesterday and today and just barely touched the refunds. I know what I am going to be doing tomorrow.  At least I left knowing I managed to do a lot of stuff.

My session with Debra went by quickly.  We talked about the events of the last week and we discussed work, health,  and the holidays.  We will have a phone session next week since i have an infusion that day and I don’t think I will be up to going to the session.

I am in the mood to do very much so I think I will go to bed.


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