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Feeling Accomplished

Despite having the disappointing results from the bake sale yesterday I feel I have accomplished a good deal of work.  The mail was done early.  Still working on the refund checks to be mailed out.  I even cleaned out old emails and old memos (Guardian Angel even encouraged me to to do it).  So I can start fresh very soon.  

I am trying to figure out how to be better organized regarding emails, and alerts  regarding office policies and work procedures that apply to me and all the rest keep a log of it for reference.  I am not sure what else I should keep but I guess that will come in time.

After work I went to my insurance agent to pay for my car insurance.  I think they were waiting for me and that is just really great.  Not only are they my agents  but they are neighbors too.  Actually T grew up on this street before I got here.  He moved to another part of the city after college but came back often for visits with his late parents,  We said goodbye and I took off for LIz’s.

After calling her for the 4th Time (they had been sleeping) I finally got a hold of her and wanted to stop by and chat with her.  She had to go out with her friend Andrea by 5:30 so while she was on the phone I was foraging (her words not mine) and we chatted.  I told her I saw her friend the Taxi driver.  We talked about the cheesecake.  She feels i should put a little more effort into the cake or maybe make something else.  We also talked about Christmas

Tentative plans for Christmas are to have a small and quiet dinner on Christmas Day.  I think she said Adam is having Christmas eve and said they would bring stuff over for the next day.  I thought that meant I would have to order from Dominos.  We then talked about gifts.  All the older kids (Rivera/Morgan) levels not to get anything.  Not really sure what she wants me to do with the younger ones.  I will have to approach her later for that.  I left shortly after her Friend Andrea came.

When I got home I just got on here since then been bopping between doing things here and there.  The kitchen is getting straightened up and the dishwasher is starting to get filled up.  The kitties eventually came down and now are separated.  I am feeling like I should stay up and get things done.  Catch up on letters, get the laundry done.  Get the e-cards done and then probably go to bed late.  I have already had a cup of coffee.

MY original plans for dinner was to have spaghetti but decided to have soup instead.  I still have to update the Calorie counter for the last few days.  I may have to schedule stuff for the week.  

I called Roberta today and we caught up for a short time.  She was going to the movies today and she said the house here maybe sold soon.  ONly time will tell.

I heard from Dave tonight.  He went to see Wicked tonight and went to the same restaurant we did..  He had a better service at the same restaurant.  He said his waiter was nice.  That’s nice

For the last couple of nights I have been getting phone calls from places like Hackensack NJ, but no messages.  I really wish it would stop but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.  If I don’t recognize the number then I don’t pick up.

I was sad to discover that the Soap world lost another one of its own yesterday.  Joseph Mascolo known to many Days of Our Lives fans and viewers as Stefano Dimira died yesterday at the age of 87 to Alzheimer's related illness.  The last time he was on the show was earlier this year for the death of his character.  Now I wasn’t always a regular viewer of the show.  Over the years I would flip back and forth between its competitors.  Eventually I lost interest in all soaps. So I wasn’t keeping up (or so I thought).  Every now and then I would catch up with their episodes through various outlets most popular was Soapnet.

I also had an opportunity to listen the Fresh Air Program on NPR (from the North Country of NY) and they did a feature on the Late Grant Tinker who died last month.  They had two interviews one with Mr. Tinker and then with Mary Tyler Moore.  What I was surprised at was how much they sounded in sync  with each other about the times they worked together and how they met.

Uh Oh.  I had these grand plans to stay up and work on more of the e-cards and do letters and plan for the weekend.  Now I just want to hit the sack.  I think the kitties would like that very much.  

With my new “goal to be better organized and active I may try and get up in the morning and do things before I get to the sing-a-long.


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