Going to see Wicked

Later today I will be meeting up with Liz and several of her friends and Jenn (my nephew’s fiancé) at her house and then meet with others to the restaurant Serafino in Wallingford for dinner and then to Oakdale and see Wicked.  I am really looking forward to seeing it.  I have seen the advertisements and over the years have seen WOZ and the sequels and various side stories about it.  Many of my friends from FB have seen it and have had mixed reviews about it.

I thought I would get up early today and get started on the day.  I had so many goals today.  Work on the e-cards, continue emptying my emails out and sort them and work on the bookkeeping.  All I have done so far is feed the cats, and made coffee for myself.

At some point today I will have to take a nap (probably lunch time) so that I don’t get overtired and cranky (nor fall asleep through the performance) later.

Speaking of the coffee I have tried both new flavors.  I have to say when it is first brewed  you can smell the aromas of the mocha marshmallow and the sugar cookies (the other flavor) but then it doesn’t seem sweet throughout unless you put the sweetener or sugar in it.  I will still drink it but I am not sure I will be getting the mocha marshmallow one again.

I think I am going back to sleep for a bit then do some stuff...