Uh Boy

My goodness.  It is just seven am and I haven’t been up long.  I got to stay in bed until 6:20 and then got up and did the regular routine.  The litter box and feeding the kitties.  I have been feeding the cats some new to them cat food (but with gravy type).  Tiger doesn’t seem to like the Beef and gravy one as much so i gave her the Turkey or chicken one. It looks like she liked it.

I am trying to decide the things I need at Wal*mart as opposed to the grocery stores.  I can’t believe I am doing that but I am trying to compare prices between the two from online and I am not sure I am doing it right (I am not finding what I want or need).

I have decided I will go to the stores after the sing-a-longs.  This morning however, I am going to do the e-cards and watch the star wars marathon and a little of the NCIS marathon later this afternoon.

I had to pay for the renewal of Homeagain subscription for Tiger.  Trying to get a new password is a pain in the ass.  I decided to have them give it to me every time I go there.  I can’t think of decent password.  I was getting so frustrated I was yelling at the computer.  Sky ran upstairs and under the covers of the spare room.  I went up and checked.

I had to arrange a reminder and time for one of the girls to practice at the Nursing home and I swear it was like pulling teeth.   Marie kept saying she had no control over it that she only knew about the 2 pm and that kitchen needs to clean up the dining room.  They should come around 1:20.   To be honest I agree Telka should have let me know beforehand that this needed to happen.  Telka found all of this to be silly (I see her point too).  In the end they have to see Marie.  I am getting a little fed up with the Nursing home to be honest.  They seem to make things difficult to do anything


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