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Latest Executive Order

Is a really scary situation and is affecting many companies, and educational institutions including right here.  Not in our immediate area but across the campus it has.  The University President released emails over the weekend.  They sought advice and counsel with other universities and denounced these orders and will help those scholars and students with anything they can.They even are seeking advice from the law school.Hopefully it will resolved soon.

I am really excited I talked to Tina today via email and we have made plans to go to BAC on Saturday.WE will be meeting at Starbuck’s around the corner and then spend a few hours at the Center.There are some interesting things starting.There is one currently on “Britain in the World”.

WE got snow today and it was a huge concern for many when it started sometime after 10:30 and stopped for a short time and then started up again.It caused a great deal of accidents along 1-91 and one on 95 but it was all cleared out by the time I came thro…

Relaxing Sunday Evening

It is after 8 at night and I am currently watching Mercy Street.  Its very interesting so far.  I have been watching most of the CPTV programs including Dr. Blake Mysteries.  That seems to have taken an interesting turn.  I am trying to figure out of Dr. Blake and Jean are married or having a relationship.  It looks like it's a story that takes place in the 1940’s?

Bingo went well.  My student Sarah was there and she was quite good even though one particular patient had a real hard time hearing her.  I had the opportunity to speak with Natalie as well.  I had to reschedule the Valentine’s Delivery from Saturday to Sunday (and Natalie says we can’t do Sunday’s) and the only other date is next weekend or the 9th at 6:30.  Dr. T needs to think about it and needs to let me know (the only other option is to go to the other nursing home).  This isn’t going to go well I can tell.
After bingo I went to the Post office and came out with  a letter from Missy in CA.  It was a reply to the intr…

The computer got updated

Apparently the computer did some updates and now its IE something and I had to relog into my sites.  Windows is completely different.  I don’t have email except through the website.  No calendar (except website).  My scores at the PUzzle site are nil and void except for the ones I started at last night.

I had a great time at the woman’s club activity.  No I was able to get out of the building the birdhouses but I did participate in the eating.  I actually kept one of the girl's mothers entertained and informed about the club and of course the cats.  I was there until about 7:30 or so.  We talked about the game they attended earlier in the  day.  I did manage to find out that her two california kids have moved around since they both moved out there.

I didn’t do very much last night when I got home.  Set the kitties up with their kibble for the night and went to bed and watched TV.  I didn’t do anything else really.

This morning I got up early and started on the laundry and dishwasher.…


Last night before I went to bed I checked the weather report for today.  Do you know they were saying it was going to snow last night?  IT didn’t.  I checked a few times.  Now granted it could have from the time I actually fell asleep but I didn’t when I woke up during the night.  There was no snow on the ground when I got up this morning in fact the sun was shining.  I did get to watch an interesting video on why it's so quiet after it snows.  Very interesting (it is sound proofing material and as it melts it lessens). Anyway there is no snow in the forecast for this weekend only clouds and cold winds.
Today is my hair appointment.  I think it includes the touch up to the haircolor.  I am not sure if it is also the trim.  I am not sure if I could have cancelled it to go to the UConn game.
What you ask?  Last week Dr. T asked me to go with her and her family to the UConn final game.  She really wanted me to change my plans because they were going to see the pre-game activities.  It&…

Way behind

For some reason i feel like I am way behind in my journaling.  I still haven’t finished Wednesday’s midweek reflection nor have I done my Thankful Thursday posts.  Unfortunately by the time I have gotten home this week I am heading to bed early because I have had a fairly long week (or so it would seem).  I had a couple of meetings this week (all last night).  
Of course something happened this week that disappointed me immensely.  Tuesday afternoon after a few text messages my brother was abrupt and asked us not to include him in personal conversations.  This was my way of keeping my two siblings in touch if they were not doing it themselves.  It had some modicum of success until my brother opened his stupid mouth.
I am a bit behind in my pen pal writing but I usually leave that for weekends or vacations.  Even that may be stretching because Saturday I have my hair appointment and later on I am meeting up with my club to do an environmental project and have pizza.  
I do know one thing.…

The Storm came

The storm came just after 6.  How is it that everyone else but me knows it's coming tonight?? The weatherman says that the tides will be a little higher than usual tonight.  They looked like it when I left the house this morning.  The wind was picking up as I went to the Credit Union this evening.
I was concerned for my family and friends in GA where tornadoes hit the southern part of the state.  Not really knowing how far south my family was I sent them a message and so far Cousin Bill answered they are fine.
I was also checking the weather in Brandon.  It was supposed to have started raining before 11 and the funeral was supposed to be held at 12.  I sent a message just before dinner and she said they were at the hotel.  The services and the whole day was lovely.  BIL was slept the entire afternoon.
This morning was the regular routine.  Everyone was happy when I left.  I left the TV on upstairs for them.  I knew I was going to be  little late tonight and as I figured they were wai…

It was Foggy alright

It wasn’t as thick as pea soup but it will have to do.  I think it was about 40 degrees out (I didn’t get out of the house until after noon.  We are supposed to get a Nor'easter later tonight  Not the snowy kind but just as messy.  I am pretty sure all I am doing is bingo and getting the few items I mentioned yesterday.
I just beat my score of 3071 on the Boatload of Puzzles!  It is now 3973 and that’s after six days of not playing!  Woohoo. Of course it will be less than that if I continue to play throughout the day.
I have managed to do more than puzzles and watch TV.  I did some laundry and got the taxes paid.  I actually wrote the letter up because I am not sure if just sending a check alone would suffice.
The Sun finally came out late morning but didn’t make it that much warmer. It got cloudy by the time I headed to bingo.  The wind picked up a little but not the excessive speed they were saying-yet.  It isn’t as bad as where Liz is though.
Bingo went well.  Sarah was able to c…

Successful Morning

Today was Sky’s turn to go to the vet.  I let them do their thing and I took a shower and then got Sky into the crate.  It took a bit to get him in but it worked and it wasn’t as long as it was for Tiger earlier this month.  He did try and get out and I did all the same things I did with her.  I got him into the car and let neighbor ChrisP say hello and then took off for the vet’s.  We got there just before 10 and had to wait a little bit  was introduced to a rabbit.  Cute eyes.  Anyway we got into the examining room and got the vitals done.  He was funny he didn’t want to come out at first and when he did he stayed close to me.  He even plopped onto my arm.  In the end he is healthy and in good shape.  Just need to keep an eye on his gums to make sure it isn’t hiding a tooth or he will have to have an extraction.  When we got home I let him out and he disappeared for a short time.  Tiger was ambling around and so I opened the cellar door as I promised and they both went down for a sh…

Today there was a changing of the Guard

Today a new employee (according to many online) takes over running the country.  Even though I didn’t vote for President Elect Trump I will respect the office of the President.  I will question respectfully his choices I do not agree with.  A co worker reminded us that all the time.
The meeting last night was well attended.  There was some modifications to reports and we were finished by 8:30.  We also had a social aspect to it.  There are many concerns for the next two elections  coming up.  I just hope that the next candidate for Governor does a better job and won’t be a concern for us as our current one.  The cake I brought from Emerald’s was a huge hit but I still have much left.  I have to write up the minutes still.
I talked with Sis today she was still in town.  They are leaving tomorrow mid morning or early morning and will be back sometime Tuesday.  She expects to be in Florida by noon or so.  She is trying to anticipate Nelson’s comfort level so that he won’t be come sick.  

Thankful Thursday

1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all. 2.        I am thankful for my kitties 3.        I am thankful for my job 4.        I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health 5.        I am thankful for my neighbors 6.        I am thankful for my home 7.        I am thankful for my friends 8.        I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. 9         I am thankful for the weather. 10.     I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.  
Even though I focusing on my work and my life today my thoughts are with My sister and BIL as they make arrangements to go to Florida for funeral.  BIL’s Sister died two nights ago.  The services should be in the next day or two.  As I mentioned earlier Sis says they sho

A Long Day in a short Week 1/19/2017

I was really hoping today would  be like the last few days in which it flies by.  I had a lot to do today.  Today was my short work day because I had my infusion and Union meeting.
I almost didn’t get my infusion because I wasn’t hydrated enough and she tried like five times to find the vein and it wasn’t cooperating.  We even had a heating blanket.  AFter the fifth time it worked.  My next two infusions are February 15 and March 15th.  Barring any bad weather systems, Insurance hiccups or health.  
Tonight was the ratification of our new contract.  We went over the language of the contract and then around 7 we voted on it and had questions and answer session.  There was someone who was getting feisty and some people too offense to it.  It was voted and passed by the time we left.
I also received news that my cousin RAH has stage 4 Lung Cancer.  ITs inoperable incurable and he is at peace with it.  He doesn’t want visits or calls but cards and emails are fine.  He may have chemo as pain …

Yesterday Afternoon Whizzed by

I couldn’t help notice how yesterday afternoon seem to go by so fast.  After lunch I made the bed (the cats were no help even though they tried).  I worked on my letter to Linda and then watched TV.
Around 4 I headed to Adams for their hot bar.  I managed to get chinese food there.  I had some and the rest will be for lunch if I ignore the rumbling in my stomach.  After everything was cleaned up I relaxed.
Around 6 or 7 I called it an early night.  I tried to write some more but found myself quite tired and eventually fell asleep with Sky near by.  Tiger slept elsewhere.  I did wake up a few times during the night. Found it easy to go back to sleep.  Of course they both woke me up around 5.  I did get to stay in bed until 5:30 this morning.
When I did get up got everything for the cats done.  Laid on the couch until after 6 and got up and got ready for work.  I was pretty much dressed by 7 and out the door by quarter after and headed to the gas station to fill up.  The traffic seemed to …

Extra Day Off

Today is Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday and a Federal Holiday in which we honor the achievements of this incredible Man.  There were celebrations in many places and there was one yesterday at city hall.  We have come a long way but still have much work to do.
Today will be fairly quiet for me.  I do have a Doctor’s appointment at 10:15 in town and LIvia will be here some time after 10:30.  I am not sure exactly what i will do to stay out of her way but that may be moot if she comes at 10.  I do need to go to lowes to pick up a particular light bulb for one of my lamps.
The kitties were at my feet for a little while this morning.  I thought only Sky was but as the room got lighter or brighter there was my princess.  I moved off the bed so I could find a good socket for the charger (really need to get a new one I think).
I went off to my appointment and it was good.  I see him again in April.  When I got home I called the Pulmonologist and was told someone would call me back by the end o…

I don't believe it!

I get online tonight and the first thing on my Microsoft feed is the news that the country’s oldest circus is shutting down operations.  I know I have linked to but it was everywhere!  My earliest memories are of seeing news reports of the circus coming to town and doing their march down to the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum.  I am sure i have seen it over the years.
I remember even seeing  what I thought was their winter home down in Florida back in 1977.    According to Wikipedia the Circus Opened Circus World in a nearby Town Haines City Florida in 1973.   MY friends and I were on shuttle bus from our hotel to Disney World and we drove by the place.  I distinctly remember watching the roller coaster.  It was supposed to be the oldest wooden coaster in the country.   Very Sad indeed.
I had a great time at Bingo today.  I got there early and my two HS girls came and helped out.  I called a few of the games and then had them do it for voice was starting to go a litt…

Up early

I have been up for a while.  I think I have had too many cough drops because I have been feeling sick.  I am going to take it easy on those for a bit.  May be just have cough medicine.
The cats have been fed and watered and “burped”.  They have been running around and I can hear Sky calling.  I am sure they will settle down soon.  I have a feeling they have been playing with the stuff that’s collecting under my night table.  I may have to get that cleaned up.
I finally emptied the dishwasher and straightened the kitchen abit.  I think my next job will be the rest of the laundry as I will need something to wear to bingo later this afternoon.  
A lot of my FB family members are complaining about the current situation with Optimum and CBS.  Most of them are sports fans.  I could care less about the sports I am going to have to watch NCIS on the computer.  It’s not like I haven’t done it before but the ads in between the buffering etc.  Oh well.
While waiting for the clothes to dry I worked o…

Today Was my Pajama Day

Do you remember a while back I wrote about spending the day in my pajamas?  How every so often I do it if I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything outside the house?  Well today was that day.
The cats were  all taken care of early and Sky and eventually Tiger were at my feet while I was lying on the bed watching TV.   They were back there by midday and grooming each other.  I still have to clean out their boxes.  I just saw an ad for sift away litter boxes of course there are both kinds of reviews but I don’t think I am going to be getting one.  It does look like it’s too much trouble.    Some of the negative reviews says that you have to place the three trays a certain way or the litter will clump and make messes.  
I finally made some burgers from the chop meat I bought earlier this week.  I made about 4 to freeze and two eat for lunch.  I chopped a garlic clove and the meat, and egg and a cup of breadcrumbs and some mozzarella and seasoning.  I think some of the mixture didn’t get …

Yay its FRiday

I am so happy it's Friday and the fact it is Friday the 13th is no bother either.  To be honest I am not superstitious about Friday the 13th.  I never have been (at least I don’t think so).  It is also the beginning of a three-day weekend as well.  There are going to be a lot of celebrations in honor of Rev Martin Luther King this weekend and all through the campus I think.  I am really looking forward to this weekend.  I can catch up on things I have definitely been putting off and do them Monday after some errands.
I am  relieved I heard from  my brother Jim on monday and now I am getting nervous as he sees the DR today about his current health crisis.  I hope he let’s us know what the outcome is.  According to his text this morning he will begin having tests on his kidney.  I don’t really know if he will have them today or it will be setting them up.
I tried to pay the property taxes online but the bank wouldn’t authorize it.  So I now have to send a check.  I had to call the tax…

Thankful Thursday

1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all. 2.        I am thankful for my kitties 3.        I am thankful for my job 4.        I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health 5.        I am thankful for my neighbors 6.        I am thankful for my home 7.        I am thankful for my friends 8.        I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. 9         I am thankful for the weather. 10.     I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.  
I am happy to say I heard from my brother this week after a few days of quietness.  I was concerned because He has current health situation that has me concerned but he says his phone may have turned off.  
My kitties are pretty funny.  THey haven’t tried to get into the attic since the weekend.  They are pretty vocal in the morning when I dawdle for work.  They chase each other crazily around the house and at night sometimes…