A Long Day in a short Week 1/19/2017

I was really hoping today would  be like the last few days in which it flies by.  I had a lot to do today.  Today was my short work day because I had my infusion and Union meeting.

I almost didn’t get my infusion because I wasn’t hydrated enough and she tried like five times to find the vein and it wasn’t cooperating.  We even had a heating blanket.  AFter the fifth time it worked.  My next two infusions are February 15 and March 15th.  Barring any bad weather systems, Insurance hiccups or health.  

Tonight was the ratification of our new contract.  We went over the language of the contract and then around 7 we voted on it and had questions and answer session.  There was someone who was getting feisty and some people too offense to it.  It was voted and passed by the time we left.

I also received news that my cousin RAH has stage 4 Lung Cancer.  ITs inoperable incurable and he is at peace with it.  He doesn’t want visits or calls but cards and emails are fine.  He may have chemo as pain management.

It was some time after 7 when I got home.  I called Mom’s Friend Maureen before going into the house.  Maureen was a classmate of RAH so I wanted her to know.  We ended the conversation with a promise to send her his address and  email.

I have grabbed something to eat, played with the kitties and did some other stuff but not up to doing the cheesecake so I am heading to bed.


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