Have to get my car serviced

On my way home from Nancy’s Last night I noticed my headlights were not reflecting off of anything ahead of me.  So I made a service call today for tomorrow.  I also included my overdue oil change.  The funny thing is when it came time for me to drop it off I checked again and the lights were going on just fine.  THere was just too much snow and iced on them!!!  Man do I feel stupid.

Yesterday afternoon was pretty good I took preston out a couple of times and did the things I needed too for the house.  Around 8 I sent a text to Nancy to tell them I was going to take Preston out and then go home.  They got the message just as they were riding up to the gate.

When I got home sky was waiting for me but Tiger was still up inside the bed in my old room.  It looked really funny with her head popping out of the hole.  So I let her alone until she came out as i was going to bed.  Skyb did a lot of cuddling.  

I have to admit all the things I was going to do when I got home I bailed out on.  It was nearly 8:30 and I was pretty tired.  I got into my pajamas, made some tea and put out fresh kibble.  Still have to get a new bag. ACtually I feel the same way tonight too.  

I am not sure if I should be relieved or worried that I haven’t found the ribbon that Tiger was chewing on during the weekend.  When she is vocal I just am not sure if it's pain or wants something.  

I also noticed the laptop not charged up (pissed off about that) so I moved it into my room and it was working then.  I still say the charging cords and connector need to be replaced.  It is probably pretty expensive.  Actually it wasn’t...I think I saw $9.00 but I have to double check later.  Tonight though it made a loud whirring noise for about 10 minutes.  I guess there was an update.

There was a three-alarm fire at a condo complex here in town.  IT was an old school that was renovated to the condos after years of being closed.  I have been there a few times of the years.  Well it took not only Milford firefighters but stratford firefighters to come and get the blaze.  No humans were hurt but two dogs died.  There was a cat that was rescued.  It went to the animal shelter until it can reunite with his family.

LIz called me earlier today she was doing a grocery store run.  She and N are basically  quarantined until this bug is far and away gone.  That’s when I decided to do a Pea pod run.  Anyway, we talked about when we were young we liked being out in the cold and now forget it.  We talked about bills and it wasn’t as unpleasant.  I reassured her that my bills are all paid and no fees etc.  You know the discussions I am sure most people have.

BEfore getting into bed tonight I did a peapod order for tomorrow and I ordered pizza for dinner.  It came just after 6 (the pizza) and it was delicious.  

Now the kitties and I are going to snuggle up.  Tiger is under the bed and probably will come up later (she is sitting on the heating vent under the bed) and Sky is at my feet.  Even though the heat was up it was still chilly and that kind of makes me crawl into bed and watch TV.

Now with the new winter TV season cable stations, channels and networks have changed up their programming so I have to see what interests me.  Right now Sherlock (with Cumberbach) is not working for me.  I thought for sure now that I can watch Voyager I would.  Nope. Not happening.  I have turned it off more times than not.  

Right now i am going to watch Nature on CPTV. (one of Connecticut’s Public Broadcasting stations.  It's a repeat (like many of the shows on these stations.  It's the Coywolf.  There is another one later tonight but I may turn the news on or go to sleep.

There has been another show that i Have become quite fascinated with.  It’s called Snapped and can be found on Oxygen most nights.  I recently have been watching a lot of it and it's very good.  It obviously it's about women mostly that have snapped and has murdered those who did them wrong.

I think I am going to curl up and watch this and then hit pillow...:)