Latest Executive Order

 Is a really scary situation and is affecting many companies, and educational institutions including right here.  Not in our immediate area but across the campus it has.  The University President released emails over the weekend.  They sought advice and counsel with other universities and denounced these orders and will help those scholars and students with anything they can.  They even are seeking advice from the law school.  Hopefully it will resolved soon.


I am really excited I talked to Tina today via email and we have made plans to go to BAC on Saturday.   WE will be meeting at Starbuck’s around the corner and then spend a few hours at the Center.  There are some interesting things starting.  There is one currently on “Britain in the World”. 


WE got snow today and it was a huge concern for many when it started sometime after 10:30 and stopped for a short time and then started up again.  It caused a great deal of accidents along 1-91 and one on 95 but it was all cleared out by the time I came through.  I had left about quarter of 4 and made it home an hour later.  Just about the same time I would be home anyway.


I heard from Liz today.  Her phone died so she had to get a new one.  Until she did I had to use BIL’s phone in case of emergency.  I texted them to see if they got home okay.  It wasn’t until much later in the evening.  After I called to let her know I got home okay.  During the conversation she said she would not be asking me about my checkbook anymore.  She was annoyed because I wasn’t doing what she wanted.  She might want to get to the 23rd century and realize no one (I am pretty sure when I post this someone will say I am wrong) or almost no one uses a check book register.  She gets this wounded look or feeling when she isn’t appreciated for her assistance on things.  The “Look all that I did for you!”  She feels that if she has to balance my checkbook register she is bailing me out.  She may want to look the definition up.


Oh and I broke the charging adaptor for the laptop.  It wasn’t working again and I took my frustrations out on it.  Pulled it and yanked. As a result the metal part came out of the black plastic thing.  This shouldn’t be happening after two years.





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