Rainy Monday

It's been a mixed bag weather wise...cloudy, warm, rainy.  It’s going to continue to rain the rest of the night I think.  I have watched weather reports since last night and couldn’t tell you know what they said.  

The party went very well I was there until 5.  The cake was still frozen when we served.  I had several coughing fits that pissed me off.  I got a nice insulated ice scraper from Dave along with a Starbuck’s gift card.  Ended up leaving my cell phone at his house.  Made arrangements to meet our friend Rose at the hospital parking to get it from her.  I am not sure why she couldn’t come to the house.  I didn’t want to have to go back to his place and pick it up.  My arms and legs were aching again.  ACtually they are starting again.

Today was pretty good.  I got up at 5:30 walked Preston and fed those of the menagerie that had to be fed.  Headed home to feed Sky and Tiger.  While they ate I closed the bedroom door.  I decided to just relax and not make things crazy for Tiger and I.  ARound 8 or 9 Tiger was on the stair case and I gave her a good pat and picked her up and put her in the crate.  I put her near the front door and she mewed a lot and then tried getting out. I put her close to me and she quieted down for a short time and then started up again.

When it was time to leave I put her in the front seat and some blankets around her and I drove to the vets.  We talked all the way there.  I was in the waiting room until they called for us and then moved to an exam room.  Tiger behaved very well.  She did try to get down once and I needed the vets help to get her back on the table.  Tiger for all intensive purposes still a little overweight by 2 or three lbs.  I will get the results later this week of the fecal test.  We were out of there by 11 and back home a short time later.

I stayed at the house for a couple more hours.  I made the bed and the kitties helped.  Sky had been hiding even before we left.  I don’t think he liked seeing his sister in the crate because he knows he is next in a couple of weeks.  I put in some more laundry and put the dishes in the dishwasher.  I will go back in the morning and feed them and get ready for Livia.

I stopped at Stop and Shop picked up lunch.  I got a foot long italian sub and Pistachio whipped dessert and chips (that I haven’t had yet).  I had half of the sandwich already and the other I may not have until tomorrow.  I was afraid the arms and legs would start to hurt again.  They are but not as much.  I have been drinking water.

I did hear from Nancy again today I let her know that her furbabies were doing just fine.  She was pleased to hear.

After I ate I watched TV and slept while the TV watched me.  My coughing is starting up again and I need to get more robitussin and cuddle up for the night.

Tomorrow I go back to work.