Successful Morning

Today was Sky’s turn to go to the vet.  I let them do their thing and I took a shower and then got Sky into the crate.  It took a bit to get him in but it worked and it wasn’t as long as it was for Tiger earlier this month.  He did try and get out and I did all the same things I did with her.  I got him into the car and let neighbor ChrisP say hello and then took off for the vet’s.  We got there just before 10 and had to wait a little bit  was introduced to a rabbit.  Cute eyes.  Anyway we got into the examining room and got the vitals done.  He was funny he didn’t want to come out at first and when he did he stayed close to me.  He even plopped onto my arm.  In the end he is healthy and in good shape.  Just need to keep an eye on his gums to make sure it isn’t hiding a tooth or he will have to have an extraction.  When we got home I let him out and he disappeared for a short time.  Tiger was ambling around and so I opened the cellar door as I promised and they both went down for a short while and then spent time in the bedroom.

I did find my phone in the car.  It was under a bunch of stuff and happily is in the kitchen recharging.  I had sent messages to brother and Sis to use the Messenger in case they needed to talk to me.  Then I sent them saying i found it.  Clearly i need to clean out the car sometime soon.

I am still having issues with the charging cord.  At least i think  that’s what it is.  I had it in two different sockets and breakers and it didn’t charge like it usually does.  I finally put in t\
]be bedroom and it was finally charging. I had the laptop on my lap and tried not to move it much.  That will be something to think about soon.

At Lunchtime i was waiting for a message from my sister to let me know they had arrived safely in Florida.   They finally got there around 2:30 or so.  They are in Brandon Florida. It is east of Tampa.  AFter Nelson would rest they would go and see the family.  They are staying in a local hotel.

Great news my friend Dave finally joined Facebook.  I can’t believe it. He joined yesterday on whim.  He is my oldest friend and is just starting to put things on it.  I hope he enjoys it but we all know not everything is sunshine and roses on FB.  Just look at the recent posts about the Inauguration and the marches?  Some of my friends and co-workers went to one or more and they either work or are retired.  
I chatted briefly with Jim tonight.  He insists that he gets phone calls well every time I call him it says the phone is not accepting calls at this time and I even tried from the house phone.  It has to be my crappy cell or his.  Anyway he still hasn’t spoken about his visit with the Kidney specialist last week.  Which only leads me to believe he is really in shit load of trouble or he is not ready to share.

The weather was beautiful today. The sun popped out a couple of times and then it got foggy or hazy at the end of the day really cool.  Of course it's supposed to get really while from tomorrow afternoon until Tuesday.  Its supposed to be very strong winds and lots of rain until Tuesday.  I may need to get more eggs and bread and maybe another milk.  Not sure if what i have is still good.

I also would like to take this opportunity to welcome my new visitors.  I hope you have enjoyed yourself here and I look forward to hearing from you about what you read here.

For now though the kitties and i are going to bed.