Up early

I have been up for a while.  I think I have had too many cough drops because I have been feeling sick.  I am going to take it easy on those for a bit.  May be just have cough medicine.

The cats have been fed and watered and “burped”.  They have been running around and I can hear Sky calling.  I am sure they will settle down soon.  I have a feeling they have been playing with the stuff that’s collecting under my night table.  I may have to get that cleaned up.

I finally emptied the dishwasher and straightened the kitchen abit.  I think my next job will be the rest of the laundry as I will need something to wear to bingo later this afternoon.  

A lot of my FB family members are complaining about the current situation with Optimum and CBS.  Most of them are sports fans.  I could care less about the sports I am going to have to watch NCIS on the computer.  It’s not like I haven’t done it before but the ads in between the buffering etc.  Oh well.

While waiting for the clothes to dry I worked on my letter to Linda in TN.  I got as far as thanking her for the Christmas card.  I am not sure where to start as it's been awhile since I had written her.  

Well I managed to hang and fold all the clothes that I washed this morning and decided to rewash others and got them hung up.  I don’t usually hang anything but I decided to get it straightened up while I had the motivation.

Poor Tiger nearly got squashed by me as I climbed on the bed.  I wasn’t paying attention and put my hand on her sleeping body.  I had to coax her back to her spot and now she is just half a sleep with her head up. Sky is in his “hammock in the bed below.


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