Welcome to 2017

Happy New Year everyone!  The kitties and I are quietly enjoying the morning right now.  I have been back at the house for a short time.  Time enough to have them fed watered and their litter boxes cleaned out for now.

The party yesterday was wonderful and full of energy.  There was plenty of food and some pictures taken of Ms Madison but I haven;t gotten them yet nor will I be able to share with you.  Her Mom is very adamant about pictures of her little one online.  Everyone seems to like my new hair color.  Which is great.  I left around 4 to get back to the menagerie.  I also came back to the house and checked on the kitties.  I went to the store for a later dinner despite the food we had at the party.

By the time I got home to Preston and Vlad i was in a lot of pain.  So I got Preston walked and then came and fed everyone and ate my own dinner and then settled in for the night.  I took some Tylenol PM and i did get some sleep.  We did catch the TLOR;s trilogy.

In one of my early I was using the other computer in the office by the attic.  I had a gastro issue so I had to run to the bathroom.  So I put the chair I have been using in its regular position (under the doorknob) and apparently it wasn’t good enough.  Sky some how pushed it out of the way and got upstairs for about 45 minutes.  After some coaxing and cajoling I finally got him downstairs.  He was sitting in or on top of an old suitcase so I picked him up and took him downstairs.  Replacing the chair firmly in the correct spot.  It hasn’t been moved since.

I am in my old bed room writing this so I am pretty sure I will have to keep the door open until my next visit.  Which will be tonight to check the litter box and refill the kibble if needed.  I am thinking I will have to get a fresh fecal tonight because by tomorrow it will be buried in the litter.

Now I am going to do some straightening up and get Dave’s gift all set.  Do some more laundry and then head out to Dave’s Party for a few hours.


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