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I really Wanted to stay in BEd

I was very tired from the events of last night.It wasn’t just the party but the ongoing conversation with Liz about the internet and the whole meetup and she feels I shouldn’t do any of it.She doesn’t like the fact I get angry with her.She says she went to a meeting that talked about not to trust anything on blogs or FB, or any of message boards.I am aware of it but there are sometimes you need to trust some people.In the end she wasn’t going to change her mind.Well she isn’t going to foist her opinion on me.She needs to respect my decisions.
Of course by the end of the day I wasn’t so angry with her because when I called to discuss another matter she wanted me to know I did good telling Nelson not have to step in between us when things get heated.She also agreed that it was unnecessary to apologize to him later.I didn’t want to be obnoxious to him.
Work was fine worked on refunds in the morning, readdress mail until committee meeting and the mail for the rest of the afternoon.Since its…

This is why I don't watch

I understand there was a screw up on the Oscars last night.It has been talked about on social media and the news.This is why I don’t watch it or any awards programs.First of all I think it was very stupid on the part of the people who handed out the cards to the celebrities and I think they should have checked it before being announced.You are probably going to say “it’s live” but it’s unprofessional and wrong.I am pretty sure these people all partied before going and they should stone cold sober.It was awkward to say the least.I can’t believe it they have mentioned the damn mistake three times in the time I watched it.
Livia didn’t come today she had a Dr. Appointment this morning.So she will come tomorrow.I am so looking forward to it.
Work was good busy from the moment I got there.I worked on the refunds most of the morning and then in the afternoon the mail.I do have some refunds to mail in the morning and more mail to get done but it will first thing in the morning.
I called the Cre…

Didn't have to wear a coat

It is now just before 5 and LOTR Return of the King has started its second hour.There is just about three hours left before The Battle of the 5 Armies (did I mention that already?).Bro was glad to know these were on today.
I was quite glad I didn’t have to wear a coat this afternoon.I wasn’t out in it long but it felt nice.I can’t say that now it is 40 F and the sun is setting in the west and the gray clouds look cool.
I couldn’t withdraw money from the Credit Union today.I don’t know why.I am going to call them tomorrow and find out.There is no problem with the balances that I could see.For a minute I thought maybe someone hacked into any of my accounts but it didn’t happen.It could have been the ATM itself.I just have to be sure to have cash tomorrow night.
I did get the gift card for the “kids” gift tomorrow.Now all I have to get is the card to put it in.I didn’t go to the card shop yet.I will do it tomorrow while at work.My reason for not going today is fairly lame I admit.It was bec…

Lazy Weekend

Yesterday started off very foggy and by the end of the day and into the night it changed to clouds and eventually rain.It turned out to be a fairly lazy day and I spent most of it falling asleep in front of the TV.I did a little bit of laundry and a little cooking.
I did get a call from the nursing home informing me that there was a flu shut down on the second floor.They gave me the option to either come and play with the small group or not come in at all.I had tried to call back but it didn’t answer but according to the message I listened to they said I could call today and I did around 9.Man it was tough to get a hold of her.I really don’t like their system.I had already told the girls via email that I wasn’t going I just hope they got it.
Since my plans changed for today.I need to go to the store and get a gift card for the kid’s party tomorrow night.I had gotten a text from Liz yesterday saying they were going around 6 and sort of dressed up.I will be wearing one of the suits and pr…

With So much Beauty

The sun is shining and it is beautiful out and we had to wake up to such sadness.  There was an amber alert out for a six-year-old girl in Bridgeport who was taken by her father as of last report they were heading to NY.  This was after there was stabbing at the home of the girl.  By the end of the morning the Girl had been found and father in custody
Work is quiet spent the morning doing refunds (I got here fairly early).  We will be having cake for MD who is retiring as of next week.  I guess there won’t be an official dinner (I am finding that more people don’t want a huge dinner). 
Grad students in nine strongest departments elected for the union to come in so now local 33 is on campus.  Can the university appeal? Probably.  Time will tell.  I think eventually all the other departments will eventually vote on it.
There is going to be a new Dean of the law School. It was announced earlier this week that Heather Gerkin the J. Skelly Wright Professor of Law will replace Robert Post who…


I heard from Sis yesterday and N didn’t have the procedure done due to complications with the veins. So they are dealing with a lot of emotions right now.  Anger, cranky, and disappointment.  I have a feeling I won’t hear from her for another day or two.

Jim was supposed to take Princess Pocono to the vet Wednesday but she ate around the tranquilizer that was in her food.  As a result she never made it to the vet’s for her appointment.  Thursday I suggested a mobile vet clinic and there is one near him.

The day was filled with lots of refunds to mail out.  I did get the mail done too.  Didn’t get any Health logic stuff.  It will come tomorrow no doubt.  

I haven’t paid the ticket for the traffic violation from Wednesday night yet but I told a few people about it.  I made a right on red near the office and it was still yellow. I am out $129.  I have until the 10th of march to pay it. Some feel I should fight it.  I don’t want to have to take time away from work for this.

I decided to go to…

Thankful Thursday

1.I am thankful for my family warts and all.
2.I am thankful for my kitties
3.I am thankful for my job
4.I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health
5.I am thankful for my neighbors
6.I am thankful for my home
7.I am thankful for my friends
8.I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.
9I am thankful for the weather.
10.I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.
I had a great session with the Health coach last night.I lost two more pounds in a week.We went over some ideas to continue the weight lost and diet.Including add water to juice or even do 100% juice.Still do the walking more and not go for second servings.
I ran into Debra as I was leaving my appointment last night and we I share with her my experience earlier that night.Which I will share with you momentarily.Anyway today is her birthday and that’s why we are not meeting tonight.We will have a phone ses…

Seems Quiet

I WAS QUITE SURPRISED TO BE AT WORK A FEW MINUTES AFTER 8 BUT KNOWING TRAFFIC WAS STILL CONSIDERABLY LIGHT.  THANK HEAVENS FOR February WINTER BREAK.  Happily, the elevator in the parking garage was up and running again (it’s been out again). ITS BEEN QUIET FOR THE MOST PART AROUND HERE. WORKED ON THE REFUNDS THIS MORNING AND IN THE AFTERNOON THE MAIL.  I had to look up some EOB’s for the Supervisor.  At the end of the week we will have a sendoff for a coworker who is retiring and her last day is next week.   She has been a good friend over the years. Last weekend I found out that my nephew C and his fiancĂ© are leaving this month (a week from today actually) for Fort Mills SC.  She has a job in a satellite Surgical place and he will be looking for a job when he gets down there.  The main reason is so he can be closer to his kids who moved down there two years.  There is a Surprise going away party for them next Monday. My BIL is getting ready for a major surgery soon.  So my sister i…

I didn't sleep well

I didn’t sleep well last Monday  despite the fact I had decaf herbal tea before going to bed.  I did get on the computer as it usually gets me tired.  Not this time.  The upside was sky was cuddling up with me for most of the night.  Tiger slept under the bed and managed to knock on of the bed slats off.   Work went well spent most of the morning on refunds both patient and insurance.  Before my union committee meeting did the mail.  I was still waiting on Health logic from the last couple of days to come in yesterday and it did while I was at the committee meeting.  I was finished with it by three and started straightening up and worked on the refunds again. I came directly home after work.  The ride home was not bad at all.   I know I need to get the card but I was tired and hungry.  I did take some time to chat with Neighbor Don.  He and Lilly were playing wood.   He told me that an old neighbor came by for a visit.  I don’t know if it was KCarr or his brother.  I would have loved to…

Today will be a day of catching up

Today being President’s day is a Federal holiday which means the roads were light in traffic (yay), schools were closed for winter break, Federal offices and State offices were closed and that included banks and post office.  Of course there will be stores having their President Sales.  I just have to wonder how well they do.
I worked on the refund checks to mail out and then whatever mail I have.  My hope is to get the readdress/junk mail all done and ready for the next batch to come in. It was fairly quiet around the office today.  I am not sure how many people had taken today off.  I know everyone in my row was here.
Apparently we won a little in the last Powerball pool and have another one going around.  Of course I got in on it but I don’t know How much longer I am going to do it.  It’s been $5 to get in on it. 
For mid-morning breakfast chobani yogurt cherry flavor, and coffee. Lunch was Grilled Chicken salad w/balsamic dressing and strawberry shortcake cup and milk.
I ordered…

An Absolutely Gorgeous Afternoon

It was and still is as the sun is going down an absolutely beautiful afternoon.I hardly needed my overcoat.When I got home from fairly busy afternoon I threw up some windows.From the front door to the back door and the kitchen windows.The kitties were quite pleased.They ran to the back door when they heard the door open.
The lunch “date” with Lawyer Bob was very nice.We met at The Plate. A luncheonette restaurant that is in Milford.It opened in its current location two years ago after the long standing Pops Diner moved to Old Gate Lane a couple of miles away.The food is delicious.I had lobster bisque and BBQ Shrimp BLT in a wrap.IT was basically catching up with my life.He also didn’t exactly hint but wanted me to start thinking about the future.I did tell him about the attempted condo search we had started.He reminded me that he needs to be the one sign the listing agreement since he has the keys if I ever go the route of getting a smaller place.He also reminded me that any contracts …

Finally got some things accomplished

I finally got over my avoidance issues and cleaned the bathroom floor and changed the litterboxes.I don’t know how long it took but it reminded me of the days when I was younger and Mom gave me the task of cleaning the bathroom (we only had one at the time).It would take me literally all day.The bathroom wasn’t that big.I can’t even begin to tell you the dimensions.It is a full bathroom though.
I also took some naps and about 4:30 I ordered pizza from dominos and scoffed that up. I had ordered the parmigiana bread bites but didn’t eat any of those.I think I would be really sick if I did. Maybe another night for that.
I decided to take a shower and come upstairs and instead of getting online I ended up falling asleep with the TV on.It was Law and Order.I really felt chilled and took my meds and some aspirin. I felt better by the time I fell asleep for the night.
I will be having a full day today.Maybe not.I have lunch with the Lawyer in a few hours and I am still curious to know what he w…

The Weekend is here

Well I am glad the weekend is here.Friday was pretty busy for me.I had my infusion yesterday, and my 4th District meeting. It was a long day.
There are some changes to my infusion.I have to pay the co-pay before the infusion.In the past it was submitted and I later paid. I think it has to do with the changes from Aetna.It was also revealed to me that the Benlysta no longer needs a flush at the end of the infusion so even though they schedule for 2 hours I am going to be done a half hour earlier.They are also streamlining the scheduling of the infusions so the Infusionist don’t schedule them.Even though I was done a half hour sooner I still go back at 1.I stopped for Lunch at Mickey D’s.The route back to the office seemed to take forever!
I spent the afternoon working on the mail and I was struggling because I was tired.I still have to finish it on Monday but it should be okay since it is a holiday (and Friday’s Health logic wasn’t delivered) and the two days will converge on Tuesday.
I a…

Are We being Spied on?

I am still working on my thankful Thursday post which I can post later but the one thing I hadn’t mentioned is there was a Russian Spy Ship thirty miles off the coast of Groton CT (in international waters).According to a couple of reports I have seen it’s on the other side of Long Island.I was having a hard time visualizing (despite the fact the anchor guy showed exactly where) so I got on the maps and it would be between New Haven and Cromwell is 30 miles.To me I guess you couldn’t see it unless satellite, radar and people looking at it.
Apparently it has our CT Delegation of reps really worried but a professor at UConn says this has been going on since before World War 2?Some people are concerned and others are saying its in international waters so ignore it.But can we?Should we be worried?A part of me says no the other part of me says yes.Is this all related to our President and his relationship with Mr. Putin?Haven’t other Presidents had working relationships?
We won some money in t…

Thankful Thursday

1.I am thankful for my family warts and all.
2.I am thankful for my kitties
3.I am thankful for my job
4.I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health
5.I am thankful for my neighbors
6.I am thankful for my home
7.I am thankful for my friends
8.I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.
9I am thankful for the weather.
10.I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.
Well I talked with Sis last night and she tells me that among other things BIL will be having surgery to remove several arterial blockages in the legs.I am not sure exactly when but I get the impression it will be in the next couple of weeks and he is experiencing a bevel of emotions.The biggest being fear.He doesn’t want to go to the hospital as he almost died the last time (two years ago) he went.I offered to bring them food or a couple of meals but she graciously said no thanks.She is going to keep hi…

the weather

This weather is messing a lot up.  I just received work (the health logic) from Friday.  I still have three more days’ worth heading my way and I hope it doesn’t all come at once.    Like on Friday when I have my infusion.  That’s when I have a tendency to panic and get overwhelmed and don’t always ask for help. The weather almost cancelled out the birthday party for Alex last weekend but we went anyways for hotdogs and dessert.  Getting there was slightly tough but it a bit scary when we left.  Snowbanks and the like.  By the time we got back to Milford most if not all the snow that fell that morning was gone.  
According to current weather reports we are not getting any snow but rain likely.  Oh the gathering itself was fun.
I signed up with and have a meetup tomorrow night.  I am a little nervous but as many have said sometimes you have to take risks.  There are some others coming up that I don’t know if I want to do after all.  It all depends on a few factors such as the w…

Valentine's Day 2017

It was a beautiful chilly and sunny day here in New England.Love is abounding (somewhere).I got a lovely e-cardwith kitties in them from Liz last night.I sent her one this morning and I sent one to Dr. T when she sent me one on Sunday.I still have to send one to Jim.
Work was pretty good.I managed to get in on time and mailed out the refunds I had been working on the last few days.I got more to just batch and mail out for someone else and that I started on near the end of the day.We didn’t receive the health logic deliveries for two days and I am guessing it’s because of the weather up north.
I made my donation to the Power ball pool and hopefully we will get the numbers before Tomorrow.I guess they are culminating that as I write this.Good luck to my fellow lottery players.I am thinking I should try it on my own sometime.I tried to look up the site and had instructions but got virus warnings at work.:o(
My pea pod order came just after 8.I was really afraid it wouldn’t get here until 9.…

Not too bad a ride

Despite the rain/sleet and snow and apparently wind I didn’t hear too much of last night my drive wasn’t too bad.I went the secondary roads like last time but took a couple of other roads that were a little clearer. Going into New Haven there were many cars that were encased by the snow.You all have driveways and parking lots SOME where in the city you could have gotten it out.Geesh.Even though the roads were okay I was still late.I just didn’t get up early enough to get dressed and clear off the car.I did it just before 7:30 and then left by that time.
The day at work was pretty good.People compared snow stories of the past weekend.I was among them.I spent most of the day working on the insurance refunds that I got late last week.I just have mail them out tomorrow.I didn’t get a lot of US/Healthlogic mail today and when it did come it was too late to do much.
Some university news that occurred over the weekend.It seems that the Yale College that has been the center of protests (that wo…