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Are We being Spied on?

I am still working on my thankful Thursday post which I can post later but the one thing I hadn’t mentioned is there was a Russian Spy Ship thirty miles off the coast of Groton CT (in international waters).  According to a couple of reports I have seen it’s on the other side of Long Island.  I was having a hard time visualizing (despite the fact the anchor guy showed exactly where) so I got on the maps and it would be between New Haven and Cromwell is 30 miles.  To me I guess you couldn’t see it unless satellite, radar and people looking at it.

Apparently it has our CT Delegation of reps really worried but a professor at UConn says this has been going on since before World War 2?  Some people are concerned and others are saying its in international waters so ignore it.  But can we?  Should we be worried?  A part of me says no the other part of me says yes.  Is this all related to our President and his relationship with Mr. Putin?  Haven’t other Presidents had working relationships?

We won some money in the Powerball pool and of course we are doing another one.  Wish us luck.  It reminds me of those early Lotto ads I would hear on the radio.  “if I won the lotto I would still work”.  Hell yeah.

Work was good but busy…when is it not?  I am almost caught up with the backlog that the weather caused but still have a lot in other areas.  I did find out a friend (whom I hadn’t been seeing much of lately) is no longer in the department or at the Uni.  I sent her a message and says she is okay and gave me the whole door analogy.  There is clearly something going on and someone else will apparently fill me in when we don’t have a lot of ears in the walls.  I gave her my cell phone if she feels like calling me.

I decided to not go to the meetup after all.  I got home from Debra’s by 6 and had dinner and have been watching NCIS on Oxygen. 

I got my Anniversary present that I ordered earlier this week.  At first it had to be put together (I was hoping it would be assembled prior.  It turned out it wasn’t so hard to do.  I have already shredded stuff.

I also got my new coffee.  I had one already.  I just hope it won’t keep me up then again maybe it will and I can watch the rest of the marathon.  I do feel tired still…we will see.





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