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I am Exhausted



I have to apologize for not getting on yesterday but I was getting sick after midnight on Friday and I did go to work (that was a trip and half-literally) and by the time I got home I didn’t do very much except take a shower, eat dinner, take a nap, then go to bed.  Not exactly in that order.

The ride to work was a bit tough.  Some of the secondary roads were not cleared off well and I found myself spinning my tires more than once.  There was a traffic jam by the garage I park in and even that was a pain when the ramps were not cleared off properly (they were still working on some of them when I believe they should have been done prior to that time).  I didn’t get to work until about an hour late.  The ride home was much better.  I still took the side roads and they were much clearer.

Work was busy yet quiet at the same time.  I spent the morning working on refunds and then on the mail.  There wasn’t much of the mail but I am doing the full refund check (notating, sorting, and mailing).  Since it was my Guardian Angel’s day off I had to do the entire mail stuff.  Pick up outgoing mail from everyone, prepare mail for another location etc.

I did get a reminder from the long term service committee that I still needed to order my anniversary gift.  So I went to the website for gifts and put in my information and so all the beautiful 25th anniversary gifts that you would think I would like right? I picked a shredder.  J  it will be here in two weeks.  So now I can shred anything now.  Let’s hope it lasts longer than the other one I got.

Today was pajama day.  The original plans I had with Liz changed because of the weather and how it would be difficult to get through the streets in New Haven.  I talked with her yesterday.  I can only imagine the parking lots would be not very cleared.

I paid some bills such as the revised House insurance bill that came this week as well as the recent oil bill that came yesterday.  I guess they got wise and decided not to include an envelope for the Oil delivery since I pay that online.  I am relieved to see it is a lot lower than last month’s bill.  I sometimes wonder if it is better to pay at the beginning of the month or as they come in.  IT was working on some levels the way Liz taught me but on others it didn’t.

I tried to write some of my pen pals today.  I haven’t finished the letters to Linda or Missy in CA.  I hope I can go through the rest I have been avoiding of the months.

I did some housekeeping stuff before Livia comes on Monday (if her kid’s schools aren’t delayed).  Although it seemed like I had to redo them over and over.

I heard from Jim this morning.  He was just coming home from work.  I guess he did some overnight driving.  I wonder if he had troubles with the roads.

I was checking in with my schools.  Lots of great stuff going on with Linden Hall they are still making preparations for the annual Giving back auction coming up this April.  They are still looking for contributions. 

Over in Beverly Mass, they are preparing for Reunion 2017 in May.  There are also small alumni gatherings and events in the next few months.  They are also planning a trip to Bulgaria in October 2017.  Wouldn’t that be cool?

Cousin Donna sent us an update on Cousin Rah.  He is currently doing infusions and it seems it seems to be help.   It’s only the second one but it seems to be helping him.  She promised to keep us apprised of his status.

My plans changed for tomorrow now.  The birthday party was cancelled due to weather It would have been nice to have gotten an email or a phone call from someone.  Apparently Nephew A and his wife sent out emails today. 

Since things have changed for tomorrow I am not exactly going to run to bingo.  I decided I would do the Valentine’s Delivery with the club in Ansonia.  The reason I am not running to bingo in town is I got a call from the Rec Director yesterday asking for confirmation about doing the delivery today.  Uh Duh.  I told you twice before you left we couldn’t do it today.  We didn’t take you up on your other offer of Thursday for two reasons.  It’s at night and the girls and women have other things to do.  Not only that but it was snowing.

Oh I signed up for Meetups you know from the site?  I gave a number of criteria’s such animals, health, woman’s, arts and it came up with a bunch of things I am not sure I want to go to.  Will take a in-depth look.  I did add my name to Resist: Milford.  Nothing on it yet. 

The sun finally came out just before 2 this afternoon.  It was cloudy for most of the morning.  The weatherman from channel 8 who ironically is from Milford says it snowed.  Maybe in his part of town but I didn’t see anything.  We are supposed to get more messy wintery mix in the next few days.

I had dinner from Dominos.  I haven’t ordered from there in a while.




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