Well the hopes and expectations of our move to a new location have been put on hold.  Within the last week management got an email informing them the move to the building next door would be too expensive.  I was looking forward to the move with all new equipment, new furniture, new layouts etc.  They are revisiting a site by the highway and one in West Haven closer to the house. The aggravating part is when someone told me I didn’t believe them…then another person told me and I asked my immediate supervisor whom I believe when he tells me things.  He said he hadn’t heard anything at all so I believed him.   A short time later he came from a meeting and confirmed that the move has been put on hold.   I have been told he knew last week.  He doesn’t seem to be the type of person to lie.

Other than that I was pretty intent on getting the stuff on my desk off of it. I got the readdress mail done but had a couple more to come in.  Worked on the refunds that I got to do.  I should have those done by tomorrow. 

When I got home I was waiting on my grocery delivery.  It came a short time later.  I made some dinner and have been just relaxing.  I sent the dishwasher through and will empty it tomorrow. I have enough food to last a while.

I am finding myself very tired.  I woke up very early in anticipation of the day guess.  I made sure I got some more sleep when I finished getting the kitties fed but I now all I want to do is sleep.