Blizzard Stella Arrived...

I got home just before 5.  Don was stocking up on wood for the fireplace in his house.  His wife getting dinner from a local Chinese Restaurant.  We talked about Stella.  We were to arrange the cars in away were he wouldn’t have to navigate between the cars so we parked them further back in the driveway but not too far in case we had to get out.  Don’s plan is to be able to go back and forth so it will be even between them all.  He also told me (which I figured that out while I was at work) he wouldn’t be clearing the snow until late Wednesday or even may be Thursday.  I may have to take a bus that morning.

While I was still outside I talked with Neighbor Chris P and explained the whole “I saw your dog outside while you weren’t home” story.  We also talked about whether or not we will be going in to work on Wednesday.  Everyone on the RR has to from what I am gathering.

Once I got back to the house I moved the car to the spot Don wanted and then I combined garbage cans (one had ice and garbage in it and couldn’t be moved) I took the ice melt and other things inside so they would not be covered (in snow) or blown away by the wind. 

The kitties came down to greet me and watched me go back outside to secure stuff they probably thought I was crazy.  Once I finally got in I gave then kibble and watched TV.  I made some calls, sent text messages and then eventually made dinner.  I also let them down in the cellar but they kept coming back up and then every time I closed it he cried.  After a while they both went upstairs.

I made cooked the burgers I made and froze last week.  They were good but still needed a little more cooking.  Next time I will do it more.  I put a couple of slices of Muenster and 1 extra slice I ate by itself. I had some hot coffee and drank water and then cleaned the kitchen up.

I got to watch a movie that Leonardo DiCaprio made a couple of years after Titanic.  It was the Man in the Iron Mask.  I loved it when I first saw it many years ago and to this day I loved it.  One of the cast mates eventually played a demon from the King Arthur era on Charmed’ 5th season.  Which I thought was pretty good. 

I did throw in the sheets from the bed Livia left me (she did an awesome job again).  That’s why I really didn’t want to leave a trail behind me last night.  I decided to fold them this morning after I fed the cats and had coffee.

I went to bed early because I was tired and I was getting the sniffles.  I had been worried I was getting something when I found myself sneezing a lot yesterday.

So when did Stella arrive?  It must have arrived here around 2.  I noticed it was snowing around 3 and at first it didn’t seem to be a lot but by 10:30 it seemed to be raining or sleeting.  The plow came through early this morning.  It looks like it never came.  I am somewhat disappointed in this storm.  I have been following the reports and everything but I was expecting constant snow.  Wind blowing in Gale force winds and it did for about 5 minutes.

This morning I have been able to go back to sleeping and watching TV and not what I had hoped to do but there is still the rest of the day today and tomorrow.  Of course maybe not.  If we don’t get any more snow and the roads open I may have to take the bus because neighbor Don won’t be plowing until Thursday.

Late this afternoon the Governor lifted the travel ban.  Yep I am going to work tomorrow.  I will be taking the bus. DAMN.


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