DIdn't get the snow

We didn’t get the snow they were calling for last night.  Actually we had as few flurries and they came around 4 while I ran some errands.  Nothing else and this morning it’s chilly but sunny.  According to the weatherman no snow or rain for a while. 

When I got home I didn’t do very much except watch the NCIS marathon and surf the net and do a lot of crossword puzzles. 

I did get a message from Missy in California. We chatted for a bit.  That prompted me to at least work on the letter.  I have a lot to do but won’t be able to today.  I checked some of the pen pal groups and so I had a feeling I would be contacted. 

I had a great dinner last night.  (Really you believe that?)I had the rest of the cracker sliced cheeses.  I really wasn’t hungry (sigh) from having the rest of the tortellini yesterday so I noshed on the cheese and coffee.

Speaking of coffee very excited to have gotten my latest coffee delivery.  I thought it would come Friday but it didn’t.  It’s all decaf.  One for work and the other two for home.  I have already opened one. The French Vanilla decaf.  It should last me about a week or two.  I think.

The kitties were doing their own thing for most of the day.  Tiger sat on the couch above me while I was on the laptop on the couch.  Sky was asleep on the bed and then they both curled up my bed when I went to bed.  Not sure when they left (I think I saw 3 am on the clock).   Of course when I didn’t get up at 5:30 this morning they let me know.

I have been surfing the net signed Cheryl’s birthday card, fed the kitties, probably should clean the sink out but I am not going to right now. 

Now its time for me to get ready have a great afternoon everyone. 


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