I really Wanted to stay in BEd

I was very tired from the events of last night.  It wasn’t just the party but the ongoing conversation with Liz about the internet and the whole meetup and she feels I shouldn’t do any of it.  She doesn’t like the fact I get angry with her.  She says she went to a meeting that talked about not to trust anything on blogs or FB, or any of message boards.  I am aware of it but there are sometimes you need to trust some people.  In the end she wasn’t going to change her mind.  Well she isn’t going to foist her opinion on me.  She needs to respect my decisions. 

Of course by the end of the day I wasn’t so angry with her because when I called to discuss another matter she wanted me to know I did good telling Nelson not have to step in between us when things get heated.  She also agreed that it was unnecessary to apologize to him later.  I didn’t want to be obnoxious to him.

Work was fine worked on refunds in the morning, readdress mail until committee meeting and the mail for the rest of the afternoon.  Since its Tuesday Health Logic was large and will have to be finished tomorrow.

But for now I am going to bed….


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