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Lots of coffee

Today was a day for coffee lots of coffee unfortunately it was mostly decaf except for one late in the day.  It was a cold, rainy day.  It is going to be like this until later tonight.  The weatherman promises sunshine for the next two days. Then back to the rain by the end of the week and into the beginning of the weekend.  I have heard this is helping the drought a little at a time.  Again still have a ways to go.  I am sorry to hear that in the southern states were really hit by softball sized hail and lots of rain.   I wonder if that will happen to us come the spring or summer.

I continue to be busy at work.  This morning I spent two hours pulling EOB requests.  There were a couple I couldn’t find so I handed it to Supervisor and he had to print them out because they were EFT.  AC found one that I couldn’t (although I did see it but was unsure it was) find. I should go with my instincts next time.  The rest of the time was refund checks and the mail.  I have to finish the mail tomorrow. 

I did bring my concerns about the labs using passenger elevators instead of the service elevator when they are transporting things two and from the labs to the union committee.  I don’t think they took it seriously.  Who knows what will happen.

There was a bad accident with a Yale Shuttle bus on the other side of the city.  The shuttle driver hit three parked cars over on Whitney Avenue and Linden Street.  One of the cars was totally destroyed.  It turns out the guy was too tired (and just getting off of his shift). 

There is also phone scam that was first brought to light in January and that scam where people try to tape your voice so they could use to gain access to accounts.  It was featured in the news last night and this morning.  Apparently it had happened to a co-worker last week.  I shared it on fb this morning but I am certainly going to continue be careful of answering the phone.

The kitties are currently running around and seemed as though something spooked them.  They did get to go downstairs for a short time.  Then they did their own stuff.  They sat with me on the couch while I was watching TV and on the laptop.  They also watched me divide their kibble into smaller reusable containers (their food and litter came today).

I am so excited I can’t wait to tell you this.  I heard from Mama R last night and they will be coming up in April.  We are attending a Seder the evening they arrive.  They will spend a couple of days here and then up to a resort up the coast.  They have many plans for the time they are here.  I am taking two weeks off.   I also will have my own things to do during that time as well.

The house looks great and now I am anxious to keep it this way.  I have already had to sweep stuff up off the floor and almost filled the garbage can up again.

I have a rather long day ahead of me tomorrow and I want to get some sleep…



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