Not much happening tonight

Not much happening tonight.  I made the newest meat loaf and few burgers and froze them this evening.  I am currently cooking the lamb chops.  I am really trying hard to think about eating.  As it is one fell on the damn floor!   This whole entire week has been excess in junk food or the sweets.

When I got home I was hoping to See Chris G regarding a conversation I had with him late this afternoon on messenger.  You see as I was leaving this morning his dogs were outside.  Unmown to me Chris let them out before he went to work and he must have left when I had my back turned to their house.  So I sent a message to him and he responded around 3.  I will catch up with him tomorrow.

I haven’t done much other than the cooking. The meatloaf I made I wrapped in aluminum foil and froze.   I hope it doesn’t ruin it.  The last time I wrapped stuff in Aluminum foil it froze into the loaf and I couldn’t do anything with it.  I was going to leave it in the refrigerator but I already have the one I made last week still in there.

I am thinking I won’t need to go food shopping this week.  I have lots of stuff already.  That should last me at least another week.  I still have a roast to cook and that can be done later. I may need to get a few things after all.

Well I am heading to bed..


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