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St Patrick's Day 2017

Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day.  It was also my maternal grandmother’s 119th Birthday. We had some great celebrations for Nanny (she didn’t like being called grandma) over the years.  Some at restaurants and later at family homes.   Her Siblings all died in their 90’s except for one that was Aunt Helen.  She died at 104.  My last memories of Nanny were she was in her house until was 90 we had a woman come and care for her when the children and grandchildren couldn’t.  Eventually she went into the nursing home when she deteriorated by dementia.  She was feisty almost to the end.

A lot of people were dressed in green in the office.  I didn’t.  Not even the socks that Dr. T gave me last week.  I had a very good chat with EV regarding the support of Local 33 and I have to say I am understanding it little more.  Also the importance of being a united front on issues as well. 

Now that some scanning is being done again (one person so far).  I will be looking up more EOBs and stuff.  I was told this by Supervisor Bob yesterday afternoon.  I will be doing it when things are a little slow (and there are going to be days like that).  Yesterday was not going to be that day.  I still had a lot to open by the time I left.   I also have a lot of checks to label and mail.

Great news…My cable provider and WFSB came to an agreement yesterday afternoon and now we get CBS again.  Just in time for the March Madness.  OF course two State Reps are taking responsibility for this action.  Both are friends of mine but I get the feeling they won’t acknowledge each other. Maybe they will.  Anyway it was great to see something on the channel.

When I got home I chatted with neighbor Don while he was playing snowball toss with Lilly. We talked about old neighbors and memories.

Then I came in and played with the kitties and then eventually made dinner.  It was tortellini and sauce.  I had a lot of it despite the fact I wasn’t planning on eating much.

The grocery delivery came just before 8 and he came in a truck with no lights inside the storage part.  He also stopped at a neighbor’s house.  Everything I ordered came.  I know I have some cooking to do later this afternoon.

I spent the rest of the night doing very little except crossword puzzles.  I did pretty well on about half them (I did ten puzzles).

Sky was pretty funny he was playing hide and seek with me in the living room.  I have a white chair with a high back and he hid under neither and every time I tried to look underneath he was swat at me his paws.  He “nailed me at one point and then he would push himself out from underneath and try and grab my heels.  I decided it was time to end and head to bed.

I took the laptop up with me to finish a few puzzles and guess who came first?  Tiger!  She had been sleeping in the chair for several nights but last night she decided to come to the bed.  Eventually sky also did.  We eventually fell asleep.



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