Wow it got cold fast

It dropped at least 10 degrees in a day or so.  Yesterday I was being blown down the street while walking and today I have bundled up more.  I heard we may get snow flurries tonight.  Just as we are expecting the snow flurries the CPTV is rebroadcasting the documentary Blizzard of 78. 

I had a good session with Debra.  Talked about the events of the last couple of weeks and she is confident that I will be smart about the “Meetups”.  She also recommended to not discuss it with Sis.  We will meet next week regular time.

I did talk to Liz via text after I had received an invitation to my Niece’s baby sprinkle.  (That’s what they are calling it cute huh?)  Tentative plans are to go together.  It will be later on this month.  A week after Cheryl’s party.  I am thinking it’s time for another outfit.  I need to make time to get a gift for both parties.

I can say with relief that my traffic ticket I got last week was paid in full.  They got it within the last couple of days.  Bills are paid.   

Work was fine we had a staff meeting that took about 20 minutes.  It basically covered attendance, surveys, and performance evals that both employer and employee get to fill out.  Those should be quite interesting.  WE have been told that we should know that he can’t use it for disciplinary actions.

 I got a lot done but late in the day got refund checks that needed to be mailed.  I could only get a few done so I know what I am doing Monday.

Tonight was spaghetti and sauce.  I ate all of it.  Now I have to clean the kitchen up before I go to bed.  I was going to make the meat loaf but I just am not up to it.  If I just dove right in and didn’t think about it would be okay and done with but I just don’t want to.  Once I get up tomorrow and get the kitties all straighten out I will get it done.

I am trying to decide what movie I want to watch on TV tonight.  The third installment of the Hobbit franchise is on as well as the Star Wars Franchise all the way into tomorrow morning before Law & Order is on.  On another channel is Harry Potter…then I see that X-Men number 3 (with Logan and older Charles Xavier) or is it 4 or 7 is on.  Now I can understand why the two actors are walking away from these characters…it’s been a long time.

The kitties are pretty quiet right now and upstairs I am gathering.  They spent limited time in the cellar and after that they went upstairs.  Sky was vocal at one point but I am not sure why.  Other than going back downstairs again.  Like I said he opted to go upstairs I am guessing.

Well I am going to go finish the kitchen and go up to bed myself.  I am getting tired…