Yay Friday

I am so glad today is Friday.   I woke up early again but stayed in bed for a bit.  I didn’t lay down again after feeding the cats today.   I did a little straightening up here and there. 

I got a message from Livia last night letting me know I dated the check wrong and wanted a fresh one.  I left another one with today’s date on it.  I am just not sure when she is coming over.  I didn’t want the house to look messed up after all the work she did.

The ride in was a bit anxiety filled.  Several times I thought I was going to plow into the back of several cars.  I wasn’t speeding but the cars in front of me didn’t seem to move.  I was glad to get to the garage and then to the office.

In the morning I did some refunds and then spent time working on the readdress mail.  It was about that time my guardian angel suggested I needed to do them (No kidding) and then as the afternoon progressed.  She asked me to write up all that needs to be done because SR was upset that both of us were taking the beginning of next month off at the same time.  I guess SR heard her telling me what to do and SR said finally said to me I answer to only two people My Supervisor and her.  JK also heard this and smiled and came over and gave me a high five.  AT some point SR wanted me to show another co-worker the ropes as she will be doing all the mail and when GA found out she thought I did something wrong.   It just was priceless.

I got home just before 5 and spent some time with kitties and watching TV.  I made my home made pizza and then scoffed that down and I am currently wearing part of it. 

I had to straighten out misinformation between Livia and I over the check.  I got a message from her saying she left the wrong check.  I had already shred it and figured I need to send her another one.  Short end? It’s all straightened out.

I am really tired so I am going to bed….have a great night.


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