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Sorry I disappeared

As I expected this past week has been busy. My days have started early and kept on being busy with work, and a few appointments and a rally to support local 33.Almost every night I have come home exhausted.
Work was great.I had some mail to catch up on and of course doing the full mail job (and not have Gargoyle help or take over).Don’t think we will be getting LB’s assistance in doing the mail whenever I am out.She hated it.She made sure everyone knew it.I was also given additional task.It’s scanning again.I haven’t done it in a while.I was told at the beginning of the week and by mid-week I was being trained and worked on it.SR reminded me to let them know if it gets to be too much (between the refunds, mail, and scanning) I told her it hasn’t affected me yet and that I would.Although I have already had a few things given to my friend to do.
There was a “Town Hall Meeting” for Yale Medicine last week.It basically covered the big “move”, budget, and other stuff that’s coming down the p…

April 23, 2017

The House began to stir at quarter of 6 this morning.The cats and I did our regular early morning routine.After a while Sky started caterwauling so I let him downstairs.I did not want him to wake R and M as they had to be out of here around 8.
Dr. T called this morning to see if they were available so I explained that they would be home by 6 tonight so she decided that she would come at that time and would call first.I had sent a text to her around 1 before falling asleep with that message something tells me it didn’t work,
I spent the rest of the morning getting better scores on the crossword puzzle site.It worked for a bit and then I slept until Sky woke me up because he was meowing so much.
I heard from Liz this morning they are both still very tired (can understand that) .She hoped that the kids would stay away so they could rest.There is nothing wrong with that but I think that also should mean all of their friends as well.I told her that’s why I am not running over there or callin…

Last day of VAcation

Yesterday was the last day of my vacation until maybe next month or June.It was raining since Thursday night and it is still going on today.It was cold and dreary yesterday and it was the same for today.
After tackling the kitchen I decided to go run some errands that included paying for the post office box, picking up the creative writing contest stuff, and messed up on my prescription.
When I got home made some calls and it was straightened out.They were reminding me I have to have an eye test while taking the plaquenil.I told them I was in two months.I guess its new protocol.
In the afternoon I did some errands for Liz who had brought Nel home.I picked up the prescriptions and some lunch/dinner for them.I also picked up a stuffed chick where bunny ears.I later found out he loved it and it’s by their bed.
When I got home I was waiting for Roberta to come home.She had lunch with a friend and Michael worked with his friend eddy.They had dinner in Branford.
Roberta and I just watched TV it …

Not feeling well again

Around 3 this morning I started getting cramps and next thing I was crapping and it has subsided for the most part but I been sleeping for most of the morning.I couldn’t believe I slept until 6:30 this time. Despite the cats best efforts.Sky slept above me and Tiger not sure.But they were running around and meowing by 6:30.
I got up fed them and then went back to bed for a while.I really haven’t done much today.Consulted with my Lawn guy who has had people re seeding the front and side yard and starting on the yard, folded sheets, sent the dishwasher through and cleaned up some kitty related spots.
Someone missed the box today and I am not sure who but ever since I moved it to the back hall in plain view of the world they have either missed the litter box or threw stuff out.
I started getting dinner ready around 5 then I got a message from Mama indicating they weren’t going to be in town until 7 and they hit traffic.So I put it back in the refrigerator until 5:30 and started cooking the …

Thankful Thursday

1.I am thankful for my family warts and all
2.I am thankful for my kitties
3.I am thankful for my job
4.I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health
5.I am thankful for my neighbors
6.I am thankful for my home
7.I am thankful for my friends
8.I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.
9I am thankful for the weather.
10.I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.

I heard from my sister and she hopes to bring Nelson home today.If that’s the case I need to probably keep away and let him resettle in and rest.I will try and see them maybe during the weekend.The rest of their family is doing well.
I finally heard from nephew John in Florida via IM.He is preparing for his reassignment to Alaska.He and his wife and fur babes are leaving June 10 driving there.They will be going up through Canada.I really look forward to reading their adventures.We really didn’t talk long h…

This Past week

When I wasn’t with my friends I spent it quietly sleeping or watching TV and running some errands.I spent some time with family on Saturday and then went out with my friends to some spend time with a larger group of friends.
On Sunday was the Easter Celebration that I spoke of yesterday.It was very active and as I look back at it-it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought or wrote about.It was very special and all the more when we spotted a rabbit by my car.I would like to think it may have been Mom.
I spent most of Monday doing taxes.A huge headache there.In the afternoon I had appointments and errands and then went to dinner with R and her friends.It was a late evening.We talked and talked about stuff and some of it was rehashed stuff.
Tuesday was a fairly quiet day.Found there was a break in around the neighborhood.I did some laundry while waiting for word on My BIL from his surgery. I got the word late that he was in a room in ICU step down in lots of pain but good.
My internet kept cra…

I swear

I swear every time I go to do my taxes.I have issues whether it is internet connections, firewalls, or I have problems with my passwords.I started to get it set up around 8 and ended up using and I still have to fix it.Didn’t put info in that is needed.Will have to do it soon.
So Easter at my friend’s house.I have mixed feelings about it.It was a little hectic and awkward for me.The food phenomenal.The behavior of some really rude.I was asked to set the table yet this one woman who has only been here (in the country) five years doesn’t move.I didn’t want to wait for her to finish cutting something that could have been done in the kitchen.A few people spoke in Greek and when they know how to speak English whether it is limited or not.Everyone left me at the table with the old Greek lady who barely spoke English.I really didn’t appreciate it.The hostess interrupts her daughter while the daughter is speaking and doesn’t say excuse me.I let Roberta know when we were leavin…

Easter 2017

Good Morning and Happy Easter to all who celebrate this day.Admittedly I haven’t gotten ready for church or services.As my sister pointed out I participated in a Seder but not my own religious tenets.To be honest I haven’t been to church since I think Christmas.I think it would be awkward.
Dinner at the Carol and Gary’s last night was lovely.Active with three dogs but lovely.The food was delicious and stories great.We had a curry chicken and something called cimmis?We had an eggplant dish and fresh fruit for dessert. There was a brief rain shower but it dried up by the time we left for home.We got home by 9 and I was in bed a short time later.The kitties were sitting on two of their regular chairs.
This morning they were hovering over me by 6 am.I got up fed them and went back to sleep on the couch and have the TV watch me.I got up had breakfast and have been surfing on the computer for an hour now.
I posted a Happy Easter message on Facebook and had some replies.I had also finished pos…

i waited

I had been waiting since 10 to hear from AH my Easter Dinner host about dropping off the main dish to store in my refrigerator overnight.I was expecting her to call before coming. Well she called me around 4:30 to let me know that she didn’t need to come over she had managed to clean her own refrigerator.I had things that I wanted to do.
Liz ended up coming here for coffee and we got caught up with family news for the next hour.She brought me a choc bunny and flowers, and some sweets for breakfast and or desserts.She had mocked horror when I told her how the kitties were able to go in to a closet.She told me what was going on with her SIL in Waterbury and how this and the ride up to Waterbury was a bit much for Nelson.
I have been doing a few things here and there.Like folding clothes, doing the dishes, and very shortly cleaning up the bathroom-again.Earlier had the TV on and did some net browsing.
Oh and around 10 am this morning April the Giraffe finally had her baby.I can’t believe I …

Man I crashed

After Mike and Roberta got up around 9 they gathered all their belongings and we headed to IHOP for Breakfast.We were surprised at how busy it was.Despite or even because it was so busy we managed to get in a little after we got there.We had placed our orders.They got the rise and shine breakfast.When we finished we came back home and they got the last of their stuff and we said goodbye.It won’t be for long.They will be back around 5 tomorrow afternoon as we are having dinner with friend’s tomorrow night.Then on Sunday and then Monday. We meet up again on Wednesday for dinner and then later on in the week as they will be doing a few more things before leaving at the beginning of the following week for home.
I decided to take a shower and then get some laundry started.It was a bout then I crashed.I made some calls, surfed the net, and watched TV and then decided to sleep.The kitties did the same thing in the closet. They eventually came out and I closed it off.
I did catch up with Liz an…

So far a busy week

The end of last week I spent in preparation for my vacation and my friends visit from NC.These last few days were busy.They arrived Monday afternoon and we spent a couple of hours relaxing and have a late lunch before attending my very first Seder.
It was quite different then what I was expecting.We were given something to eat at first and then began the Seder.It was inclusive to have the children there.Then we had brisquit with vegetables for the main meal.The whole service was quite long and we left before the end.It was nice but as usual I was uncomfortable with the amount of chatting during the service among the attendees and the children.You couldn’t always hear what was going on.
Tuesday we did had a breakfast at a local restaurant and we went shopping at Shop Rite for a few things they can’t get down in NC.Then we headed home and M got on his computer and watched TV and fell asleep and R and I went to visit my sister who had a full house of her own.Two of the grandkids were there…

They are on their way

I received an early morning email (sometime around 1) from Mama Roberta telling me what time they are leaving today and where they will be by tonight.This is good.I am getting nervous (or anxious) now.I still have many things to do but I managed to get the new bed linens on but I think they were a little too big.It looks okay but I hope it doesn’t unravel.Yes I measured (after the fact)
I have been trying to get the laundry finished but I keep finding more stuff. I may have to leave the rest until tomorrow.I will move all my clothes that are in the laundry area to my room then as well.The Ironing board I will move to my room as well.
Oh I got my invitation to the Long-Term Service dinner and in it has one stipulation and that I can bring only one person.I am going to check with Liz one more time before asking Jim.I have to find another outfit for it.
The downstairs bathroom is cleaned.It looks 100% better but I am going to have Livia do it again for her magical touch.I went and bought a …

Early Morning

I was up early for a Saturday (no not the usual 5:30) but I saw a beautiful semi sun rise.It was between the horizon and the clouds that were will be with us for most of the morning.It was bright orange.I wish I had my phone with me.
I checked the cellar and the floor is almost dry but the rug isn’t.I can’t move the rug very well.The well isn’t full yet but I am going to keep it going for another couple of hours.Then what ever is leftover will dry on its own.I am just wondering if the water that came through the bathroom floor to the cellar did any damage to the wood.I have visions of the floor collapsing into the cellar.Knock on wood but it hasn’t happened.
It looks like MYWC will be getting together for dinner near the end of the vacation time.I am very excited about this. I just don’t know if this conflicts with Mike and Roberta’s itinerary.
I called Mama Joanie and found out she has been in the hospital since Tuesday and then transferred to a nursing home in Newtown.So I went up to …

First day of my spring vacation

It is the first day of my spring vacation and I nearly flooded the kitchen, bathroom and cellar.I have been up since 5:30 but been awake since 4:30.I was soaking some clothes and forgot to turn the faucet off and while I was showering it flooded the bathroom, kitchen and there is a huge (not a deep) puddle in the basement.I borrowed some extension cords from a neighbor and have the dehumidifier going.I opened the windows to see if that would help but closed them after an hour.The cellar floor is almost dry but still needs to more time.The kitchen floor is all dry in obvious places.The bathroom is dry too that I can see.It clumped the litter that was tossed on to the floor by the fur babes.I will have to clear out under the sink as well.
I have done some laundry including all the towels I used to soak up the water.I have more to do and will do it as the rest of the afternoon passes.
I dropped the car off a little after 7 and enjoyed the walk back.It was a bit breezy and a little sunny.Ar…

Crazy Week

In my anticipation of being off next week and that includes training someone and doing the rest of my work. I neglected to put in for said vacation.It has been rectified and as I checked emails from home discovered my supervisor approved the request.A bullet dodged.
I have been so tired every night that I have been going to bed fairly early (anywhere from 8 pm until normal time). As I mentioned to Debra in our session tonight is that by the time I get home I don’t do much except meals and TV and computer.On the few nights I have meetings or appointments.Then once I say this I have to remember there are times I do some laundry but mostly I vegetate.
I have been in touch with Mama Roberta and she gave me a whole itinerary as of this morning.She and Papa will have much to do and we will be doing a few of them together.A few dinners with friends.Most importantly we will be spending Easter together.
The weather has been very wet and windy.We had a break in the wet weather on Wednesday.We had …

What's this I see?

I saw sunshine yesterday!!! I stepped out for a second to check the temp early in the day and it was still a little chilly.By the time I got out to do bingo it was still a little chilly.Today is supposed to be in the 50’s and 60’s but cloudy.
I was up at 6 and did the normal routine for a Sunday Morning.I had coffee and watched TV and surfed the net.I finally got some of the laundry folded did some more by the time the night was over.
Before leaving for Bingo I made lunch and napped and did some surfing on the net.I also did hear from Sis via text.She wanted to know if I was going to bingo and when Mama R and Papa M were coming.
After that I took off for bingo.I was fairly early for the first time in a while and had an opportunity to catch up with Claudia.She works per diem as a receptionist for the nursing home.We had a lovely chat.Recreation Bob was gathering residents and we set up and just about 2 I started.Two of the girls came around 2:30 I think.I made them put away their phones d…