Crazy Week

In my anticipation of being off next week and that includes training someone and doing the rest of my work. I neglected to put in for said vacation.  It has been rectified and as I checked emails from home discovered my supervisor approved the request.  A bullet dodged.

I have been so tired every night that I have been going to bed fairly early (anywhere from 8 pm until normal time). As I mentioned to Debra in our session tonight is that by the time I get home I don’t do much except meals and TV and computer.  On the few nights I have meetings or appointments.  Then once I say this I have to remember there are times I do some laundry but mostly I vegetate.

I have been in touch with Mama Roberta and she gave me a whole itinerary as of this morning.  She and Papa will have much to do and we will be doing a few of them together.   A few dinners with friends.  Most importantly we will be spending Easter together. 

The weather has been very wet and windy.  We had a break in the wet weather on Wednesday.  We had a major thunder storm with lightening to boot last night.  I came directly home instead of dropping the car off.  It didn’t last long the sun did come out for a short time before sunset.  Today is supposed to have some showers.

I wanted and tried to get up early so that I could empty out the car before bringing it to the garage.  It didn’t work.  I decided when the sun was really up I would do it. I don’t want to do it too late as I have a number of things to do today.