Cinco De Mayo Day 2017

Happy Cinco De Mayo Day but is it really for us?  I was just watching a video on the History channel site and it explained it’s to remember the battle of Pueblo.  Where the French were beaten by the Mexican rebels there.  I only covered a little bit of info or trivia here but there is a lot more t know.

Today is my long weekend.  I put the time in at the beginning of the week when I discovered how much time I needed to take or lose.  So I quickly put in for last Wednesday and today.

This week has been very busy and very gratifying all the same time.  Work has been great and Wednesday night was my long term service dinner at Schwartzman hall attached to Woolsey Hall in New Haven.  Jim came up that afternoon to attend with me and we had a great time.  We took Uber to and from the event. 

There was so many people and we were given name tags and a yearbook with everyone who was honored.  Some people were listed with no pictures.  Some of them I have worked with personally and some I have met over the years.  The food was great and the President of the University was there but had vocal cord issues and had to have the provost take over now and then.  Jim really enjoyed my coworkers and the union reps who were there too. 

We were really impressed with Uber and the drivers.  I have to say the fares were a reasonable but $20 at a clip might not be something I need to shell out all the time.  Maybe once in a while.

The weather has been windy for the last few days today its raining and expected to be heavy at times.  That’s okay I am not going far today. I do hope tomorrow is better because I would like to go wash my car.

I actually have the rug cleaning crew coming around 12:30 and I still have stuff to move out of places and not a lot of time to do it.  I am hoping the kitties are both upstairs so that they won’t come down when they arrive or afterwards.